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 Entire_Server_Download Newnet_server_23-Nov-2016 
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Basic Newnet server with camping.
Update coming soon with new build newnet.

Ce server est une base aboutie mise à jours ,sécurisée et optimisé auquel j'ai ajouté un Newnet.
C'est la version UltimateNewNetv0_4 elle comprend les bugs de NewNetUnrealv0_9_15 (LR qui switch pas alors que vous êtes a cours de munitions, hammer qui déconne si utilisé avec un bind de saut).
UltimateNewNetv0_6 n'a plus ces bugs et la version 7 est sur le point de sortir.
Au passage Deepu qui c'est mis en charge de nous offrir enfin un Newnet révisé ne dispose pas de moyens et peine à sortir 10 euros pour enregistrer son domaine.
Si l'un de vous à une vie confortable et peut lui permettre de meilleurs condition de travail ce serais ange2
Vous disposer donc d'un server sans lag visible sur le net avec les modes basics plus un mod camping le tout fonctionnant sous Newnet.
Des mises à jours sont en cours....

Si vous souhaitez ajouter countryflags il faut savoir que ce mod pour mettre les drapeaux va limiter le nombre de serverpakages vers les 50.
Vous risquez aussi fortement des disfonctionnement.

Just click the RunServer.bat for start the server.

Sometimes when you hit an opponent you shoot him/her into lava, slime or other
hazzardous areas. You have caused your opponent to die, but you don't get any
points for it.
This mutator checks for that kind if kill and awards you the points you should
receive because you were responsible for the kill.
Note: This mutator makes no difference between teams, so if you push your
teammate so he/she falls down from one of the towers in Facing Worlds this will
be counted as team kill.

*TickFix 2 ( NOT for linux Server )
Based on the original TickFix by TNSe. This small mod lowers the timer
resolution and makes timing CPU-independent. This should make the tickrate more
stable and eliminate lag effects on multicore processors and laptops.

Any maps/mutators/Game types listed by full string name as stated above, will be loaded on server start :) .
UnrealTournament.ini at [ActorCLP.ActorCLP]

Use for add ChamRifle_V2 in the Newnet UltimateNewNetv0_4

- based on the MinPlayers=x setting MyBots2 will spawn upon gamestart 'x' number of bots if/when a single player enters the server.
- whilst player1 is enjoying fragging away happily... player2 notices the server populated and joins in to see wasshappening..
- the bots decide , hey these guys want some alone time.. and hit the sidebenches... allowing the 2 real players to demostrate their skillz... hopefully attracting a 3rd , 4th & 5th player for a few rounds...
- some time passes and slowly each player moves on ! Exit , ^bye , CYA... etc.. eventually leaving player1 alone again...
- MyBots2 recognizes that player1 would be lonely and immediately repopulates the server once more to keep him/her entertained... once more.
Set nuber bot in CustomGameConfig MapVoteULv2_3.ini

!R": case "!RED":
!B": case "!BLUE":
!G": case "!GREEN":
!Y": case "!YELLOW":
!T": case "!TEAM":
!P": case "!PLAY":
!QUIT": case "!EXIT":
!LEAVE": case "!BYE":
!V": case "!VOTE":


*drv adjust
For No lag

Newnet is a ZP weapons and movement for no lag ... you can play with 250 ping.

The faster and most complete Mapvote.

Come with UltimateNewNetv0_4 for kill messages.

For comppress all files to uz if you set your personal redirect.

*Redirect set

Téléchargement ... ...


24 Nov 2016, 10:45
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