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***Aide *** gameservers.com et ACEv10e
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Auteur:  medor [ 29 Juil 2017, 12:44 ]
Sujet du message:  ***Aide *** gameservers.com et ACEv10e

You ave rent a server at https://www.gameservers.com/
ACEv8h work but not ACEv10e

1/You must open a ticket and ask to gameservers-support for replace you to upload all files ACE with Zachary Williams.
After this if the install not work at all or you ave this error.... Go 2/

Path to the PlayerManager: /data/ut-server/System/PlayerManager/ACEv10e_M
ACE: ERROR - Communication with PlayerManager failed - poll errno: 4 Interrupted system call
ACE: ERROR - PlayerManager Connection Failed
[ACEv10e]: ERROR: ACE could not spawn the PlayerManager.
[ACEv10e]: ERROR: ACE is now disabled.
ACE: ERROR - PlayerManager Connection Shutting Down!

Or ACE can't create files for full load like

2/Open a new ticket with Andrew Barnes and require the same upgrade as for the server [Ticket:STC-220BA]

After that it work fine except the blue shield with xbrowser.
It is in ticket process.


This is the gameservers.com working under ACEv10e

You need more help with us ... i can make it for you. ;)

Auteur:  medor [ 25 Mai 2019, 07:37 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: ***Aide *** gameservers.com et ACEv10e

by Deepu ยป Sat May 25, 2019 7:23 am
Ask them to install new library for Linux os or change the operating system to latest one, install latest c++ library for your client ut. This same error I faced before when I changed os to win 2003 server. Now I'm running win 2008 server, there is no library issues.

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