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 ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands 
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Nouveau message ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands
Unreal Tournament Console Commands
Jack Porter
Epic Games, Inc.
Based on the Unreal 1 console commands document.
Audience: Advanced Users, Server Administrators, Programmers.
Last Updated: 08/21/00

This is a list of console commands and command line options, most of which are valid for the current version of the UT demo. The upcoming version of the demo will add a few of the new ones. The cheat codes will be changed for the full version of UT.

UnrealTournament.exe Command Line Parameters
-changevideo Bring up the video card selection menu
-conflicts Show objects of different classes whose names conflict.
-log Runs with the log window initially visible.
-noddraw Disables DirectDraw support.
-nodsound Disables DirectSound support.
-nogc Disables garbage collection.
-nohard Disables 3d hardware support.
-nok6 Disable AMD K6-3D support.
-nolog Don't show log window.
-nokni Disables KNI (Pentium III) support
-nommx Disables MMX support.
-nosound Disables sound.
-nowarn Disables warning message boxes on the screen.
-profile When C++ is compiled with DO_SLOW_GUARD=1, generates an Unrealscrïpt function profile using the timings in the most recently played level only.
-safe Runs Unreal in "safe mode", avoiding loading any device drivers which could crash if there are hardware/driver problems.
-server Runs as a dedicated server. See ucc server
-silent Run silently, with no log window, and no display of error messages. Critical errors just cause the engine to exit silently.
INI=inifilename Specify the .ini file to use for configuration. Normally UnrealTournament.ini.
USERINI=userinifilename Specify the .ini file to use for user-specific configuration. Normally User.ini
LOG=logfilename Uses the specified log file instead of UnrealTournament.log. Useful when running multiple copies on the same machine.
MULTIHOME= Sets the "home" ip address (in numerical format) which Unreal Tournament will bind to, for a machine with multiple IP addresses.
PORT=num Sets the UDP port number for the Internet server.
READINI=inifilename Sets the .ini file for reading only (not for writing); overrides the INI= option.

Ucc.exe Command Line Parameters
UCC.exe is the command line UnrealTournament launcher. It launches a number of "commandlets". ucc help will give you a list of available commandlets.

Ucc make

-h Rebuilds all .u files from their source .uc files and generate a C++ header for each package.
-nobind Don't treat Unrealscrïpt/C++ binding errors as critical, for rebuilding scrïpts and avoiding the chicken-and-egg binding problem.
-strict Treat all scrïpt warnings as critical errors; useful for tracking down the call stack when debugging scrïpts.

Ucc server

Usage: ucc server URL [parameters]
Most of the parameters valid for unrealtournament.exe are valid for ucc server.
The URL parameter is usually just a map name, but can include a number of options:

?alladmin - give all players administration access
?game= -specify the game class
?mutator= - specify a list of mutator classes (comma separated)
Unrealscrïpt Console Commands
General console commands

MENUCMD <menu> <menuitem> Perform an UnrealTournament menu item. For example, MENUCMD 1 0 brings up the Unreal Tournament server browser
SAY <message string> Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
SETNAME <newname> Change your name (works in network play too).
SUICIDE Commit Suicide
TEAMSAY <message string> Broadcast a message to your teammates.

Practice session console commands/cheats. Most of these will change.

ADDBOTS <number> Adds more bots to the game.
ALLAMMO Gives you all the ammo for your current weapons.
FLY Fly around (instead of walking). See WALK.
GHOST Fly around and go through walls (see WALK).
GOD Makes you invincible.
KILLALL <class name> Kills all actors of a certain class, for example "KILLALL WARHEADLAUNCHER".
KILLPAWNS Kills all bots
PLAYERSONLY Pauses all non-player actors in the game. Cool for debugging scrïpts, taking screenshots.
SLOMO <number> Sets the game speed, 1.0 is normal.
SUMMON <class name> Spawns an actor of the specified class (for example, SUMMON BOTPACK.WARHEADLAUNCHER) in front of the player.
VIEWCLASS <class name> Cycle through actors of this class, viewing from their locaton. eg VIEWCLASS BOT
WALK Walk around normally (see FLY, GHOST).

Admin console commands. Some of the above practice session cheats are available in network play when you're logged in as an administrator.

ADMIN <command> Perform a console command on the server's console
ADMIN SERVERTRAVEL <new level URL> Causes the server to switch to a new level.
ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled True Enable the remote admin webserver (requires a level change to take effect)
ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled False Disable the remote admin webserver (requires a level change to take effect)
ADMINLOGIN password Login as an administrator
ADMINLOGOUT Drop administrator access
KICK <playername> Kick a player
KICKBAN <playername> Kick a player and ban his/her IP. You'll need to edit your ini file or use the WWW remote admin to unban their IP

C++ Console Commands
These only work on the local machine.

BRIGHTNESS Cycle through 10 screen brightness values.
CANCEL Cancels an "open" command in progress that is trying to connect to a network server.
CDTRACK num Play the specified CD track.
CPUSPEED=# Identify your CPU speed, useful for machines which don't autodetect their speed properly. For example, CPUSPEED=266.
DEMOPLAY <filename>
[?3rdperson] Play a recorded demo. noframecap plays the demo back as fast as possible. This option is assumed if timedemo 1 is enabled. timebased gives a smoother playback if the playback machine is significantly slower than the recording machine. 3rdperson lets you fly around a first person demo as a spectator. eg demoplay mydemo?3rdperson?timebased
DEMOREC <filename> Record a demo to <filename>
DISCONNECT Disconnect from the current server
ENDFULLSCREEN Go back to playing in a window.
EXEC filename Execute the console commands in the filename, default is in the System directory.
EXIT Exit the game..
FLUSH Flush all caches. Regenerates all lighting, 3d hardware textures, etc. Can be useful to clear texture corruption due to 3D hardware driver bugs
FOV angle Set the field of view, for example "FOV 90" for 90 degrees.
GETCOLORDEPTHS Get a list of color depths supported by your 3D hardware
GETCURRENTCOLORDEPTH Get the current color depth (16 or 32)
GETCURRENTRES Get the current resolution
GETRES Get a list of available resolutions
HIDEACTORS Hide actors during game play.
JUMPTO x y z In UnrealEd, move the viewport to a certain X,Y,Z location, useful in conjunction with tester reports generated with the REPORT command.
MUSICORDER num Change to a certain track in the song (0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense).
NETSPEED number Change your desired network data rate. Use 2600 for modem, 5000 for ISDN, 20000 for Cable/ADSL/LAN
OPEN url Opens a local map (eg "dm-turbine.unr") or an Internet server (eg "" or "").
s_occfactor A3D 2.0 occlusion factor
s_maxnodedist A3D 2.0 maximum node distance
s_reflect 0 or 1 A3D 2.0 reflections
s_occlude 0 or 1 A3D 2.0 occlusions
s_wavetracing 0 or 1 A3D 2.0 Wavetracing
s_refgain A3D 2.0 reflection gain
s_refdelay A3D 2.0 reflection delay
s_maxpoly A3D 2.0 maximum number of polygons
s_maxreflectpoly A3D 2.0 maximum number of reflection polygons
s_polysmall A3D 2.0 smallest polygon size
s_polylarge A3D 2.0 large polygon size
s_a3dsources A3D 2.0 Sources
SETRES WxHxD Set the resolution and color depth. eg SetRes 800x600x32
SERVERTRAVEL url Change levels from the UnrealTournament Server console window.
STOPDEMO Stop recording or playing back a demo.
PREFERENCES Displays the Advanced Options window.
RECONNECT Reconnect to the current/previous server
SHOT Take a screenshot and save it in the System directory with a consecutive name like Shot0001.bmp.
TOGGLEFULLSCREEN Toggles fullscreen mode on and off.
TYPE Types text on the console.

Also see the Mesh LOD document for Mesh LOD console commands.


STAT ACTOR Shows various statistics.
STAT FPS Show frame time in milliseconds
STAT GLOBAL Shows useful performance timings in milliseconds
STAT NET Show network performance statistics including ping, packet loss, bytes/second


DEBUG CRASH Test crashing the game by appError.
DEBUG EATMEM Test allocating memory until it fills up.
DEBUG GPF Test a general protection fault.
DEBUG RECURSE Test crash by infinite recursion.
DUMPCACHE Display the contents of the memory cache GCache.
DUMPNATIVES Display a list of unused native function ids.
EDITACTOR CLASS=classname During game play, edits the properties of the nearest actor belonging to that class. Cool for debugging.
GET <classname> <variable> Gets the default value for a variable in a class
MARK Mark all objects that are in memory (for garbage collection debugging in conjunction with MARKCHECK).
MARKCHECK Display a list of all unmarked objects that are in memory (for garbage collection debugging in conjunction with MARK).
MEM List memory usage; only works when Unreal is compiled with the memory-tracking option (it's usually not).
MEMSTAT Show Windows overall memory statistics.
OBJ CLASSES Prints a list of all loaded classes.
OBJ DEPENDENCIES PACKAGE=pkgname EXCLUDE1=otherpackage EXCLUDE2=otherpackage... Show package dependencies
OBJ GARBAGE Collect and purge garbage ("garbage" means objects which are no longer in use).
OBJ HASH Show object hashing statistics.
OBJ LINKERS Show a list of active linkers (each linker is responsible for loading objects from a package file).
OBJ LIST CLASS=objectclass INSIDE=insideclass List all objects belonging to the class and residing inside the specified object. If the class isn't specified, lists ALL objects. If the inside object isn't specified, shows all objects. Gives a summary of memory usage. This is very useful during game play for figuring out how much memory is being used. In UnrealEd, this statistic isn't useful because a huge amount of extra stuff is loaded which might not be used by your map.
OBJ REFS CLASS=objectclass NAME=objectname Show a list of objects which reference the object you specify. When trimming memory usage, this is useful for figuring out why some object is being loaded.
REPORT Copies a report of the current gameplay situation to the clipboard. You can then paste the resulting text into an email program, Notepad, etc. Extremely useful for beta testers, because it dumps the player's X,Y,Z location, the difficulty level, etc.
RMODE Set the rendering mode. 0-9.
SET <class> <variable> <value> Sets the specified property of the specified class with the specified value
SHOWACTORS Shows actors during gameplay.
SOCKETS In network play, shows a list of network sockets (UNetConnection's) in use.
URL urlname In network play, parses a URL and displays its components.

Unreal Tournament Key Bindings
In the Unreal Tournament key bindings (type PREFERENCES to bring up Advanced Options / Advanced / Raw Key Bindings), you can associate console commands and other special input commands with key presses and releases. In the text box next to a key name, you can type in one or more console commands, separated by the "|" character. For example, to bind the "S" key to the "Jump" alias, type this:

That causes the "Jump" alias to be executed when th user presses the "S" key. For another example, if you want to bind a chat message to a key, use this:

Say "Come get some!"
In addition, you can bind multiple actions to a keypress like this, to make the "S" key both jump and say a message.

Jump | Say "Come get some!"
You can also bind an action to the release of a key by using the OnRelease keyword. For example, you can make the "S" key fire when it's released:

OnRelease Fire
Or you can make the key jump when pressed, and fire when released:

Jump | OnRelease Fire
Keys can be bound to any of the following kinds of things:

Any console command in the above lists.
Any key alias (explained below).
Any special input command.
"Special input command" refers to console commands which only make sense in conjunction with the press or release of a key, or the movement of the mouse or joystick along an axis. The special input commands are:

BUTTON <Unrealscrïpt boolean variable name>, for example "BUTTON bFire": Maps a button to an Unrealscrïpt variable stored in the Pawn class or any subclass. This tells the input system to automatically set the variable to True when the key is held down, and False when it's not pressed. For example, the Pawn scrïpt looks at bFire to tell whether the fire button is being held. The setting of bFire is not some hardcoded behavior of the engine, rather it is propagated into Unrealscrïpt code by the input system, as a result of binding a key to "BUTTON bFire".
TOGGLE <Unrealscrïpt boolean variable name>, for example "TOGGLE bLook": Like the BUTTON command, but simply tells the input system to toggle the boolean variable's value when the key is pressed.
AXIS <Unrealscrïpt floating point variable name> <SPEED=some number>, for example "Axis aStrafe Speed=-300.0". Maps an analog input axis movement to an Unrealscrïpt variable, scaling it by some factor. The current axis keys listed in the Advanced Options menu are: MouseX, MouseY, MouseW (Intellimouse wheel), JoyX, JoyY, JoyZ, JoyR (joystick rudder), JoyU, JoyV (joystick alternate axis for example the Panther XL trackball). Supported PlayerPawn axes are aBaseX, aBaseY (base movements which are translated to rotating, strafing, looking, and forward movement based on context), aMouseX, aMouseY, aForward, aTurn, aStrafe, aUp (not used), aLookUp, aExtra0-aExtra4 (not used). To see how the game code processes movement, see the PlayerPawn class's PlayerInput and PlayerTick functions.
In addition to the Advance Options menu, you can also bind keys from the console using the following command:

SET INPUT <keyname> <binding>
For example:

SET INPUT Enter Fire
Unreal Tournament Key Aliases
Key aliases are listed in Advanced Options / Advanced / Input Aliases. Aliases provide a convenient way to map one word (for example, "Jump") to a complex series of console commands that carry out a particular action. For example, the "Fire" alias is defined as: "Fire | Button bFire". This has the effect of calling the Unrealscrïpt "PlayerPawn.Fire" function (aliases are not recursive), and then causing the input button bJump to be set to True as long as the key is held.


Files for UT99 utfiles All new releases and updates are listed here All news
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17 Oct 2008, 12:36
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Nouveau message Re: ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands
summon superhealth
summon shieldbelt
summon powershield
summon searchlight
summon scubagear
summon forcefield
summon seeds
summon seeds
summon seeds
summon amplifier
admin set amplifier charge 99999999
summon weaponpowerup
summon weaponpowerup
summon weaponpowerup
summon weaponpowerup
summon armor
summon KevlarSuit
summon jumpboots
admin set jumpboots charge 99999999
summon flare
summon flare
summon flare
summon flare
summon flare
summon flare
admin set flare charge 99999999

Files for UT99 utfiles All new releases and updates are listed here All news
Most popular is UnrealTournament-V3 With over 10 000 visits to date.It is an optimized UT99 to download.

05 Avr 2009, 12:36
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Messages: 5507
Nouveau message Re: ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands
Summon unreali.moon
Summon unreali.Skaarjwarrior
Summon unreali.warlord
Summon unreali.titan
Summon unreali.stone titan
Summon unreali.squid
Summon unreali.slith
Summon unreali.skaarj
Summon unreali.skaarjwarrior
Summon unreali.skaarjscout
Summon unreali.skaarjlord
Summon unreali.skaarjberserker
Summon unreali.skaarjassassin
Summon unreali.iceskaarj
Summon unreali.skaarjtrooper
Summon unreali.skaarjsniper
Summon unreali.skaarjofficer
Summon unreali.skaarjinfantry
Summon unreali.skaarjgunner
Summon unreali.queen
Summon unreali.pupae
Summon unreali.nali
Summon unreali.nalipriest
Summon unreali.mercenary
Summon unreali.mercenaryelite
Summon unreali.manta
Summon unreali.giantmanta
Summon unreali.cavemanta
Summon unreali.krall
Summon unreali.lesserkrall
Summon unreali.krallelite
Summon unreali.gasbag
Summon unreali.giantgasbag
Summon unreali.devilfish
Summon unreali.cow
Summon unreali.babycow
Summon unreali.tentacle
Summon unreali.brute
Summon unreali.lesserbrute
Summon unreali.behemoth
Summon unreali.bots
Summon unreali.skaarjplayerbot
Summon unreali.humanbot
Summon unreali.malebot
Summon unreali.maletwobot
Summon unreali.malethreebot
Summon unreali.maleonebot
Summon unreali.femalebot
Summon unreali.femaletwobot
Summon unreali.femaleonebot
Summon unreali.nalirabit
Summon unreali.horsefly
Summon unreali.blobelt
Summon unreali.biterfish
Summon unreali.bird1
Summon unreali.parentblob
Summon unreali.horseflyswarm
Summon unreali.deadbodyswarm
Summon unreali.biterfishschool

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Nouveau message Re: ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands
Description Command
Administrator log in adminlogin [admin password]
Administrator log out adminlogout
Connect to server Open [server address][:server port]
Disconnect from server Disconnect
Reconnect to server Reconnect
Change nickname #1 SetName [name]
Change nickname #2 Name [name]
Quit game #1 Quit
Quit game #2 Exit
Make screenshot Shot
Start demo-recording DemoRec [demo name]
Stop demo-recording StopDemo
Set netspeed NetSpeed [value]
Show frames per second TimeDemo [1/0]
Set field of view (FOV) fov [value]
Open vote menu (BDB) mutate BDBMapvote Votemenu
Pause/unpause game admin pause
Change map #1 admin servertravel [map name]
Change map #2 admin switchlevel [map name]
Restart map admin servertravel ?restart
Display full-screen message say #[message]
Kick player admin kick [player name]
Kick and ban player admin kickban [player name]
Add bots admin addbots [number]
Add bots up to minimum players admin set UnrealGame.UnrealMPGameInfo MinPlayers [number]
Set bot strength admin set Botpack.ChallengeBotInfo Difficulty [0-7]
Change gametype admin servertravel [map name]?Game=[gametype]
Set gametype DeathMatch Botpack.DeathMatchPlus
Set gametype Team DeathMatch Botpack.TeamGamePlus
Set gametype Capture The Flag Botpack.CTFGame
Set gametype Domination Botpack.Domination
Set gametype Assault Botpack.Assault
Set gametype Last Man Standing Botpack.LastManStanding
Set time limit admin set [gametype] TimeLimit [number]
Set frag limit admin set [gametype] FragLimit [number]
Set capture limit admin set [gametype] GoalTeamScore [number]
Set minimum players admin set [gametype] MinPlayers [number]
Set maximum players admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxPlayers [number]
Set maximum spectators admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators [number]
Set maximum team size admin set [gametype] MaxTeamSize [number]
Set game speed admin set Engine.GameInfo GameSpeed [number]
Set air control admin set [gametype] AirControl [number]
Set friendly fire scale admin set [gametype] FriendlyFireScale [0-100]
Tournament mode on/off admin set [gametype] bTournament [True/False]
Force respawn on/off admin set [gametype] bForceRespawn [True/False]
Team balancing on/off admin set [gametype] bPlayersBalanceTeams [True/False]
Weaponstay on/off admin set [gametype] bMultiWeaponStay [True/False]
Translocator on/off admin set [gametype] bUseTranslocator [True/False]
Cheats on/off admin set Engine.GameInfo bNoCheating [True/False]
Add teams (TDM, DOM) admin set [gametype] MaxTeams [number]
Mute/unmute spectators admin set Engine.GameInfo bMuteSpectators [True/False]
Set game password admin set Engine.GameInfo GamePassword [password]
Reset game password admin set Engine.GameInfo GamePassword
Set admin password admin set Engine.GameInfo AdminPassword [password]
Set tickrate admin set IPDrv.TCPNetDriver NetServerMaxTickrate [number]
Reboot server #1 admin quit
Reboot server #2 admin exit
Enable/disable webadmin admin set UWeb.WebServer bEnabled [True/False]
Set server name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName [name]
Set server short name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ShortName [name]
Set admin name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName [name]
Set admin email admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail [email]
Set server MOTD (line 1) admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine1 [sentence]
Set server MOTD (line 2) admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine2 [sentence]
Set server MOTD (line 3) admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine3 [sentence]
Set server MOTD (line 4) admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine4 [sentence]
Spawn actor admin summon [class name]
Remove all bots admin killall Bot
Remove armor admin killall Armor2
Remove damage amplifier admin killall UDamage
Remove invisibility admin killall ut_Invisibility
Remove jumpboots admin killall ut_Jumpboots
Remove redeemer admin killall WarheadLauncher
Remove shield belt admin killall ut_ShieldBelt
Remove thigh pads admin killall ThighPads
Remove all monsters admin killpawns
Change mutator admin servertravel [map name]?Mutator=[mutator]
Standard - no mutators [nothing]
InstaGib Botpack.InstaGibDM
Sniper Arena Botpack.SniperArena
Rocket Arena Botpack.RocketArena
Shock Arena Botpack.ShockArena
Pulse Arena Botpack.PulseArena
No Redeemer Botpack.NoRedeemer
No PowerUps Botpack.NoPowerups
Low Gravity Botpack.LowGrav
Jump Match Botpack.JumpMatch
Instant Rockets Botpack.InstantRockets
Death Relics.RelicDeath
Defense Relics.RelicDefense
Redemption Relics.RelicRedemption
Regeneration Relics.RelicRegen
Speed Relics.RelicSpeed
Stealth Botpack.Stealth
Strength Relics.RelicStrength
Enable ZeroPing (player) mutate zp_on
Disable ZeroPing (player) mutate zp_off
ZeroPing standard weapons mutator ZPPure7G.ZeroPing
ZeroPing InstaGib mutator ZPPure7G.AccuGib
ZeroPing Coloured InstaGib mutator ZPPure7G.ColorAccuGib
ZeroPing Shock Arena mutator ZPPure7G.zp_ShockArena
ZeroPing Sniper Arena mutator ZPPure7G.zp_SniperArena
Show player netspeeds (UTPure) ShowNetSpeeds
Show server tickrate (UTPure) ShowTickRate
View current Pure settings (UTPure) CheatInfo
Switch team (UTPure) Nextteam
Switch to red team (UTPure) ChangeTeam 0
Switch to blue team (UTPure) ChangeTeam 1
Attempt to balance teams (UTPure) FixTeams
Set mouse sensitivity (UTPure) Sens [number]
Automatic demo-recording on/off (UTPure) SetDemoAuto [0/1]
Set demo-name mask (UTPure) SetDemoMask [mask]
Start demo using current mask (UTPure) DemoStart
New net-code on/off (UTPure) NewNetCode [0/1]
Instant rockets on/off (UTPure) ToggleInstantRocket
Enable UTPure mutate EnablePure
Disable UTPure mutate DisablePure
Show player IP's (UTPure) ShowIPs
Show player ID's (UTPure) ShowID
Kick player (UTPure) KickID [player ID]
Kick and ban player (UTPure) BanID [player ID]
Show demo status players (UTPure) ShowDemos
Enable hitsounds (UTPure) mutate EnableHitSounds
Disable hitsounds (UTPure) mutate DisableHitSounds
NoLockdown on/off (UTPure) admin set UTPure bNoLockdown [True/False]

Files for UT99 utfiles All new releases and updates are listed here All news
Most popular is UnrealTournament-V3 With over 10 000 visits to date.It is an optimized UT99 to download.

23 Jan 2011, 20:40
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
Messages: 5507
Nouveau message Re: ***Aide*** Unreal Tournament Console Commands
Pack 6:


Pawn summons:

-Human pawns:
Summon Pack6.BlackForce
Summon Pack6.Boy
Summon Pack6.Cloaker
Summon Pack6.CoopBot
Summon Pack6.DeadlyMan
Summon Pack6.EvilBoy
Summon Pack6.Girl
Summon Pack6.GoodBoy
Summon Pack6.ShadowTrooper

-Skaarj pawns:
Summon Pack6.SkaarjHunter
Summon Pack6.ASMDSkaarj
Summon Pack6.TraceMaster
Summon Pack6.MadSleeper
Summon Pack6.DizzySkaarj
Summon Pack6.LungeHunter

Summon Pack6.CannonXXX
Summon Pack6.MinigunCannon
Summon Pack6.BlueCannon
Summon Pack6.GreenCannon
Summon Pack6.RedCannon
Summon Pack6.YellowCannon
Summon Pack6.NameCannon
-otros pawns:
Summon Pack6.Alien
Summon Pack6.BioAlien
Summon Pack6.AttackerSquid
Summon Pack6.SquidFly
Summon Pack6.Barnacle
Summon Pack6.Boneacle
Summon Pack6.DeathTent
Summon Pack6.QueenDT
Summon Pack6.FaworPlant
Summon Pack6.FragMaster
Summon Pack6.GhostStalker
Summon Pack6.DeathEye
Summon Pack6.Phantom
Summon Pack6.HypnoTitan
Summon Pack6.CazzingTitan
Summon Pack6.MagicFly
Summon Pack6.DeadlyFly
Summon Pack6.MasterManta
Summon Pack6.FireDragon
Summon Pack6.MirrorTent
Summon Pack6.Momma
Summon Pack6.BigMomma
Summon Pack6.RPG_Master
Summon Pack6.SeekerNali
Summon Pack6._Sucker
Summon Pack6.NaliGod
Summon Pack6.Slavery
Summon Pack6.EliteSlavery
Summon Pack6.SlayerLord
Summon Pack6.TinyLord
Summon Pack6.Sphree
Summon Pack6.TrillionManta
Summon Pack6.BigTrillionManta
Summon Pack6.WeaponFly

Weapon summons:
Summon Pack6.AdminMag
Summon Pack6.AirRifle
Summon Pack6.InstantGib
Summon Pack6.AllWeaponP
Summon Pack6.AMM
Summon Pack6.Cracker
Summon Pack6.GravityKiller
Summon Pack6.GreatDisp
Summon Pack6.GrenTent
Summon Pack6.HeadSquid
Summon Pack6.InfoR
Summon Pack6.IonGun
Summon Pack6.MissileL
Summon Pack6.PowerPistol
Summon Pack6.PrismGun
Summon Pack6.Blaster
Summon Pack6.ScreemMag
Summon Pack6.SlimeSlith
Summon Pack6.Uzis
Summon Pack6.SilenceUzi

Item summons:
Summon Pack6.ActorSpawner *
Summon Pack6.ASCII
Summon Pack6.CoffeCup
Summon Pack6.CloakDrink
Summon Pack6.DLerDevice
Summon Pack6.GoodMen
Summon Pack6.MaxHealer
Summon Pack6.Bomb
Summon Pack6.IP_Thing **
Summon Pack6.LuckyCharm
Summon Pack6.LastBreath
Summon Pack6.MightyRevenge
Summon Pack6.NightVision
Summon Pack6.BlueBelt
Summon Pack6.RedBelt
Summon Pack6.GreenBelt
Summon Pack6.YellowBelt
Summon Pack6.SpecialBelt
Summon Pack6.BounchBelt
Summon Pack6.ScrewBelt
Summon Pack6.SkaarjRain
Summon Pack6.SuitOfDoom
Summon Pack6.ElemSuit
Summon Pack6.ParalSuit
Summon Pack6.ShadowSuit
Summon Pack6.UltimateBox
Summon Pack6.ZapTouch
Summon Pack6.AdminZap *

Summon Pack6.HeGrenade
Summon Pack6.FlashGrenade
Summon Pack6.EFlashGren
Summon Pack6.SmokeGrenade
Summon Pack6.ToxinGrenade
Summon Pack6.MotionMine
Summon Pack6.LaserMine

Summon Pack6.EsBubbel
Summon Pack6.EsFire
Summon Pack6.EsFireball
Summon Pack6.EsGrav
Summon Pack6.EsHole
Summon Pack6.EsIce
Summon Pack6.EsLife

Otros summons:
Summon Pack6.RocketTable
Summon Pack6.RocketTable2
Summon Pack6.TitaniumTank
Summon Pack6.SupriceDec
Summon Pack6.Nest
Summon Pack6.Copter
Summon Pack6.NoLieExp
Summon Pack6.BotNode
Summon Pack6.ChatLog **



Summon monsterpack.Bird
Summon monsterpack.BabyFish
Summon monsterpack.Fish
Summon monsterpack.Blob
Summon monsterpack.EvilRabbit
Summon monsterpack.Fly0
Summon monsterpack.Wesp
Summon monsterpack.BlobLord
Summon monsterpack.Bruut
Summon monsterpack.LaserBruut
Summon monsterpack.BigBruut
Summon monsterpack.CowBeast
Summon monsterpack.CowbeastBaby
Summon monsterpack.EvilRabbit
Summon monsterpack.FBrute
Summon monsterpack.FlyingP
Summon monsterpack.GiganticTitan
Summon monsterpack.Krall0
Summon monsterpack.LegLess
Summon monsterpack.SlithKrall
Summon monsterpack.Merc
Summon monsterpack.SkaarjMerc
Summon monsterpack.Monster
Summon monsterpack.Monster0
Summon monsterpack.Monster1
Summon monsterpack.Monster2
Summon monsterpack.Monster3
Summon monsterpack.Monster4
Summon monsterpack.Monster5
Summon monsterpack.Monster6
Summon monsterpack.Monster7
Summon monsterpack.Monster8
Summon monsterpack.Monster9
Summon monsterpack.Monster10
Summon monsterpack.Monster11
Summon monsterpack.Monster12
Summon monsterpack.Monster13
Summon monsterpack.Monster14
Summon monsterpack.Monster15
Summon monsterpack.Monster16
Summon monsterpack.Monster17
Summon monsterpack.Monster18
Summon monsterpack.Monster19
Summon monsterpack.Monster20
Summon monsterpack.Monster21
Summon monsterpack.Monster22
Summon monsterpack.Monster23
Summon monsterpack.Monster24
Summon monsterpack.Monster25
Summon monsterpack.Monster26
Summon monsterpack.Monster27
Summon monsterpack.Monster28
Summon monsterpack.Monster29
Summon monsterpack.Monster30
Summon monsterpack.Monster31
Summon monsterpack.Monster32
Summon monsterpack.Monster33
Summon monsterpack.Monster34
Summon monsterpack.Monster35
Summon monsterpack.Monster36
Summon monsterpack.Monster37
Summon monsterpack.Monster38
Summon monsterpack.Monster39
Summon monsterpack.Monster40
Summon monsterpack.Monster41
Summon monsterpack.Monster42
Summon monsterpack.Monster43
Summon monsterpack.Monster44
Summon monsterpack.Monster45
Summon monsterpack.Monster46
Summon monsterpack.Monster47
Summon monsterpack.Monster48
Summon monsterpack.Monster49
Summon monsterpack.Monster50
Summon monsterpack.Monster51
Summon monsterpack.Monster52
Summon monsterpack.Monster53
Summon monsterpack.Monster54
Summon monsterpack.Monster55
Summon monsterpack.Monster56
Summon monsterpack.Monster57
Summon monsterpack.Monster58
Summon monsterpack.Monsterf
Summon monsterpack.MonsterGoddess
Summon monsterpack.MonsterSlith
Summon monsterpack.KrallSlith
Summon monsterpack.NaliWarrior
Summon monsterpack.NaliWarrior2
Summon monsterpack.DarkTrooper
Summon monsterpack.DarkTrooper2
Summon monsterpack.DarkWarrior
Summon monsterpack.MercWarrior
Summon monsterpack.Soldier
Summon monsterpack.soldier0
Summon monsterpack.soldier1
Summon monsterpack.Witchy

Summon monsterpack.SoldierMag
Summon monsterpack.Dispy
Summon monsterpack.Rocketlauncher
Summon monsterpack.FlyCannon
Summon monsterpack.MonsterBomber
Summon monsterpack.BioRifle
Summon monsterpack.WoodGun
Summon monsterpack.NaliWep
Summon monsterpack.NaliN
Summon monsterpack.QuadGun
Summon monsterpack.FruitJack
Summon monsterpack.DarkTRifle
Summon monsterpack.FPBLStinger
Summon monsterpack.GibStinger
Summon monsterpack.HealthStinger
Summon monsterpack.SuperASMD

Ammo & Items;
Summon monsterpack.SoldierAmmo
Summon monsterpack.SuperBoots
Summon monsterpack.ExploSuit
Summon monsterpack.RecoveryItem

Summon monsterpack.Bunny
Summon monsterpack.Fly0Proj
Summon monsterpack.WespProj
Summon monsterpack.BabyFishProj
Summon monsterpack.FishProj
Summon monsterpack.BirdProj
Summon monsterpack.Bunny
Summon monsterpack.BlobSlime
Summon monsterpack.NaliN1
Summon monsterpack.naliN2
Summon monsterpack.alt
Summon monsterpack.ALTProj
Summon monsterpack.Ball
Summon monsterpack.BeastProj
Summon monsterpack.BigShell
Summon monsterpack.BiorProj
Summon monsterpack.Blobbie
Summon monsterpack.Boom
Summon monsterpack.Bunny
Summon monsterpack.BushProj
Summon monsterpack.DarkProj
Summon monsterpack.DTroopProj
Summon monsterpack.FProj
Summon monsterpack.GibProj1
Summon monsterpack.GibProj2
Summon monsterpack.GigProj1
Summon monsterpack.GigProj2
Summon monsterpack.GoddesProj1
Summon monsterpack.GoddesProj2
Summon monsterpack.healthProj
Summon monsterpack.healthProj0
Summon monsterpack.HippieProj
Summon monsterpack.LaserProj
Summon monsterpack.MercProj
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj0
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj1
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj2
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj3
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj4
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj5
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj6
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj7
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj8
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj9
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj10
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj11
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj12
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj13
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj14
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj15
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj16
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj17
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj18
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj19
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj20
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj21
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj22
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj23
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj24
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj25
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj26
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj27
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj28
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj29
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj30
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj31
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj32
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj33
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj34
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj35
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj36
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj37
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj38
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj39
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj40
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj41
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj42
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj43
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj44
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj45
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj46
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj47
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj48
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj49
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj50
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj51
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj52
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj53
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj54
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj55
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj56
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj57
Summon monsterpack.Monsterproj58
Summon monsterpack.NaliFAlt
Summon monsterpack.NaliFProj
Summon monsterpack.NewProj
Summon monsterpack.P
Summon monsterpack.P0
Summon monsterpack.P1
Summon monsterpack.P2
Summon monsterpack.P3
Summon monsterpack.P3a
Summon monsterpack.P4
Summon monsterpack.Proj
Summon monsterpack.QuadProj
Summon monsterpack.ShellS0
Summon monsterpack.SkaarjMercProj
Summon monsterpack.SoldierProj
Summon monsterpack.Soldier0Proj
Summon monsterpack.Soldier1Proj
Summon monsterpack.SoldierWepProj
Summon monsterpack.WProj
Summon monsterpack.WallFragMent

Summon monsterpack.BruutCarCass
Summon monsterpack.LaserBruutCarCass
Summon monsterpack.FBruteCarCass
Summon monsterpack.SoldierBody
Summon monsterpack.SoldierBody0
Summon monsterpack.SoldierBody1
Summon monsterpack.HippieKrallCarCass
Summon monsterpack.MMercCarCass
Summon monsterpack.BCarCass
Summon monsterpack.BCarCass0
Summon monsterpack.BCrucified
Summon monsterpack.BCrucified0
Summon monsterpack.FlyingPupaeCarCass
Summon monsterpack.GoddesCarCass
Summon monsterpack.DarkSkaarjCarCass
Summon monsterpack.MercjCarCass
Summon monsterpack.MSlithCarcass
Summon monsterpack.TitanGCarCass
Summon monsterpack.DarkTrooperCarCass
Summon monsterpack.BlobLordCarCass




Y VehicleFactorys:




Monsters ....
summon AKcoop2.dragonfly
summon AKcoop2.hornet
summon AKcoop2.nester
summon AKcoop2.hatchling
summon AKcoop2.icetitan
summon AKcoop2.packhunter
summon AKcoop2.deathhunter
summon AKcoop2.minion
summon AKcoop2.manta111x
summon AKcoop2.nester
summon AKcoop2.squid2
summon AKcoop2.drone
summon AKcoop2.mech
summon AKcoop2.naliinfest
summon AKcoop2.rebelskaarj
summon AKcoop2.spitfire
summon akcoop2.cannod2
summon AKcoop2.cannond3
summon AKcoop2.cannond4
summon AKcoop2.cannon2
summon AKcoop2.cannon3
summon AKcoop2.cannon4
summon AKcoop2.Evol
summon AKcoop2.Samain
summon AKcoop2.Gruel
summon AKcoop2.wasp
summon AKcoop2.craptor

summon AKcoop2.karimea
summon AKcoop2.skaarjrazor
summon AKcoop2.scattergun
summon AKcoop2.bouncer

Items, Cosas....
summon AKcoop2.radiance
summon AKcoop2.biobelt
summon AKcoop2.airboots
summon AKcoop2.rose1
summon AKcoop2.taryd
summon AKcoop2.rebel
summon AKcoop2.tnt
summon AKcoop2.rose2
summon AKcoop2.hover
summon AKcoop2.naligod
summon AKcoop2.ammobox
summon AKcoop2.egg
summon AKcoop2.potion






summon jurassic.Triceratops
summon jurassic.TriceratopsJR
summon jurassic.Velociraptor
summon jurassic.Tyrannosaur
summon jurassic.Dilophosaur
summon jurassic.Brachiosaur
summon jurassic.Gallimimus
summon jurassic.Pteradactyl
summon jurassic.Parasaurolophus
summon jurassic.Stegosaur
summon jurassic.TrexHatchling
summon jurassic.trex
summon jurassic.brachbaby

UT Weapons







Pack 3


summon pack3.AllDAmmo
summon pack3.ArcGunner
summon pack3.ARifle
summon pack3.FireWPistol
summon pack3.GRazor
summon pack3.MiniDGun
summon pack3.MiniRockets
summon pack3.RRifle
summon pack3.ShipG
summon pack3.TeleGun
summon pack3.FatBoy
summon pack3.FlyP
summon pack3.HBoots
summon pack3.Meat
summon pack3.SpecialBelt
summon pack3.AraB
summon pack3.Abd
summon pack3.BMale
summon pack3.BMale2
summon pack3.BMale3
summon pack3.GMale
summon pack3.GMale2
summon pack3.Bird2
summon pack3.CMerc
summon pack3.DeathFish
summon pack3.DeathLord
summon pack3.DeathNali
summon pack3.Forkins
summon pack3.Tech
summon pack3.Robo



summon pack.Flamer
summon pack.RockRifle
summon pack.MBall
summon pack.BBelt
summon pack.MBoots
summon pack.redbelt
summon pack.SLight
summon pack.BPupae
summon pack.MTProj
summon pack.Gbag
summon pack.Starman
summon pack.StarmanD
summon pack.Mqueen
summon pack.MTentacle
summon pack.TTrooper
summon pack.BIGSkaarj
summon pack.FTitan
summon pack.SLITHER

Pack 2


summon pack2.DisaPistol
summon pack2.ElectroGun
summon pack2.MegaGun
summon pack2.SASMD
summon pack2.SkaarjBall
summon pack2.SkaarjCannon
summon pack2.TazerRifle
summon pack2.RRifle
summon pack2.MegaHealth
summon pack2.HealthBelt
summon pack2.NPupae
summon pack2.TWarlord
summon pack2.MFly

Pack 7





summon umsspacemarine.UMSArcticCadet
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFArcticCadet (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSArcticMarine
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFArcticMarine (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSDesertCadet
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFDesertCadet (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSDesertMarine
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFDesertMarine (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSJungleCadet
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFJungleCadet (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSJungleMarine
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFJungleMarine (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSSpaceCadet
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFSpaceCadet (female)
summon umsspacemarine.UMSSpaceMarine
summon umsspacemarine.UMSFSpaceMarine (female)

Electric Krall


Summon ElectricKrall.ElectricKrall - The Electric Krall
Summon ElectricKrall.ELeglessKrall - Legless Electric Krall



Summon Saber.Lsaber



Summon Railgunv2.railgun



Summon GrimReaper.GrimReaper
Summon GrimReaper.SkullHead
Summon GrimReaper.Scythe
Summon GrimReaper.BlackScythe
Summon GrimReaper.MultiScythe



Summon Homer.Homer

Summon Homer.WlingHomer

Summon Homer.HManHomer

Summon Homer.UPHomer

Summon Homer.Beer

Summon Homer.Ammo2

Summon Homer.beerP

Summon Homer.HomerCarcass

Summon Homer.HomerCarcass2

Summon Homer.HomerBotBot



Summon Burns.Burns

Summon Burns.BMinigun

Summon Burns.BBox

Summon Burns.BurnsCarcass

Summon Burns.Burnsbot



Summon Yoshi.Yoshi

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi2

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi3

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi4

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi5

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi6

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi7

Summon Yoshi.Yoshi8

Summon Yoshi.YoshiASMD

Summon Yoshi.YoshiCarCass

Summon Yoshi.YExplosion

Summon Yoshi.YExplosion2

Summon Yoshi.YExplosion3

Brass y Xan


Summon Boss.Boss

Summon Boss.Brass

Summon Boss.QuadRifle

Summon Boss.QuadRifle2

Summon Boss.RifleAmmo2

Summon Boss.BossHeadM

Summon Boss.BossThighM

Summon Boss.BossArmM

Summon Boss.BossCarcass

Summon Boss.BrassCarcass

Cosas Del Doom


Summon DoomPawns.Caco

Summon DoomPawns.Cyber

Summon DoomPawns.Demon

Summon DoomPawns.Spectre

Summon DoomPawns.HeavyTrooper

Summon DoomPawns.MediumTrooper

Summon DoomPawns.LightTrooper

Summon DoomPawns.Marine

Summon DoomPawns.WolfSS

Summon DoomPawns.Imp

Summon DoomPawns.Knight

Summon DoomPawns.Baron

Summon DoomPawns.Mancub

Summon DoomPawns.Skeleton

Summon DoomPawns.Skull

Summon DoomPawns.PainHead

Summon DoomPawns.Spider

Summon DoomPawns.SpiderMM

Summon DoomPawns.Vile

Summon DoomPawns.VileElite


Summon DoomWeps.Bfg

Summon DoomWeps.Chaingun

Summon DoomWeps.Chainsaw

Summon DoomWeps.Fist

Summon DoomWeps.Pistol

Summon DoomWeps.PlasmaGun

Summon DoomWeps.Shotgun

Summon DoomWeps.DualShotgun

Summon DoomWeps.RocketLauncher

AdminQuad, Para que deje de chingar Death (?)


Summon Pack3.AdminQuad

Espero que estos codes les sirvan.

Files for UT99 utfiles All new releases and updates are listed here All news
Most popular is UnrealTournament-V3 With over 10 000 visits to date.It is an optimized UT99 to download.

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