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Auteur:  medor [ 10 Mar 2010, 08:28 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau master.333networks.com

Création d'un nouveau MasterServer. Vous pouvez ajouter çe master server au vôtres.

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.333networks.com MasterServerPort=27900

[Engine.GameEngine] section
Le mettre à la suite des autres.

Auteur:  medor [ 06 Avr 2014, 17:51 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Nouveau master.333networks.com

Attention master0.gamespy.com ferme à la fin du mois donc master.333networks.com vas devenir probablement incontournable pour faire apparaître votre server.

Un autre masterserver est en cours de progression mais ne fonctionnant pas de la même façon par billybill http://www.forum.unrealtournament.info/ ... f=35&t=123

Auteur:  Keukeu52 [ 06 Avr 2014, 18:13 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Nouveau master.333networks.com

Faudra faire comment ??

Auteur:  medor [ 06 Avr 2014, 18:18 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Nouveau master.333networks.com

C'est décrit au dessus :baton: premier post

Auteur:  medor [ 26 Aoû 2014, 22:57 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Nouveau master.333networks.com

noccer a écrit:
Gamespy has stopped all services around mid- end of july 2014.
This includes a lot of masterservers for different games including Unreal Tournament.

What is a masterserver, what does it do?

A masterserver is a central server that provides a list of Gameservers. Servers uplink to a masterserver and send their information. A Player queries the masterserver and then gets a list of gameservers. Epicgames provides now the last official masterserver. If they are down NOBODY will ever get a list of UT servers. The ONLY chance is then: Forums and your favourites or trackers like Gametracker and XFire. But Gametracker and XFire are NO masterservers. Servers can not uplink there and players have to go to some sites or install Software. OUR masterservers are real masterservers, you do NOT need any installation or software, you do NOT need to visit any sites. You can retrieve your wanted information INGAME!

But i can retrieve a list of Gameservers, actually!

Epicgames had a very buggy and sometimes not working masterserver, however, they solved the issue and it is up and running good and brings us a list of UT Servers.
For some people there is a problem, that it needs a bit longer time then before, to get a UT server list, this is when UT tries to get the list from Gamespy which is no more.

Why do we need your masterservers?

Epicgames hosts the last masterserver. Imagine the Taliban fly into Epicgames Headquarter. Well, we cannot stop them, but we can still serve a list of UT Gameservers for the community when Epic needs to sort their modem problems. Call it a backup, call it redundancy. Epic may go down, but we are unstoppable.

Why should i use your masterservers now?

The 333networks masterservers are:
Multimasters, they can provide many games, not only UT GOTY or Unreal ... see yourself: http://master.noccer.de http://master.333networks.com Many more games will follow.
Faster. 333networks masterservers are teh fastest in the world. Epicgames and Gamespy cannot compete.
Unlike Gamespy and Epic we store Gameservers in a database. That makes it possible to provide the gameserverlist within milliseconds and brings the lucky advantage that a crash can occur without loss of data.

Okay, that sounds great, is there some more?

The team of 333networks works constantly to provide better services. Future plans are:

- Full redundancy, 333networks based masterserver will be able to share serverlists with each other.

- Blacklisting: There are servers which show population but if you join you are alone. Other servers will redirect you instantly after connecting. That is simply cheating, and cheaters destroy the game. Our Blacklists will sort out this shit and provide you only clean servers with REAL players.

- More games: Since 333networks masterservers are multimasters we work hard to serve serverlists for a growing amount of games

I am totally convinced, how to do the stuff?

This is for the players!

Open your games configuration file, usually gamename.ini (unrealtournament.ini), find the sections below and edit them as described:


This is also very important to make sure that the updateserver does not mix up your settings.


Save your config and browse through the game as fast as light can't get [:D]

This is for servers!

Stop your server and open the server's configuration file, usually gamename.ini (unrealtournament.ini)

Go to


and delete these lines:

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master0.gamespy.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.mplayer.com MasterServerPort=27900

replace them with

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=utmaster.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.noccer.de MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.333networks.com MasterServerPort=27900

Now your server is ready for 333networks. It will uplink to epicgames, 333networks and noccer.de

LINUX users please note: The maximum numbers for uplinks is actually 3 (in some cases it is 4). Do NOT exceed the limit or your server will immediately crash.

More information can be found here:


http://hooksutplace.freeforums.org/333n ... m-f87.html

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