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 Nouveau Zeroping Newnet UltimateNewNetv1 
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Nouveau message Nouveau Zeroping Newnet UltimateNewNetv1

Here a source assault and LeagueAS140 ...

1/ Not work LeagueAS140.NoGuardiaTeamCannon but NoGuardiaCannon.NoGuardiaCannonActor work with LeagueAS140.

2/ No Insta working here under LeagueAS140 and normal to.

3/ Assault and LeagueAS140 pulse not stay
Sound is destroy for pulse left fire after hammer use.

4/ Some teleport not work on some maps
for players in custom maps like AS-Ballistic final objective tele for defenders doesn't work to

5/ Iptocountry not work with the LeagueAS140 scoreboard
you can test on the test server we can't see to the little green flags for warmup tournament on.

6/ Not understand this for pug servers they can't make work insta with JB on the same build v9 as it work for us.
There is multimod and probably more one NN on it they dont use NNv9 as actor.

SLV206UL.SLVCTF work with UltimateNewNetv0_9.ST_SiegeInstaGibRifle but conflict arena and no arena newnet weapon
Failed to load 'NULL': Can't resolve package name
Failed to load 'Class None.': Can't resolve package name
Failed to load 'NULL': Can't resolve package name
Failed to load 'Class None.': Can't resolve package name
Failed to load 'NULL': Can't resolve package name
Failed to load 'Class None.': Can't resolve package name

RX8UL_3.RXCTF Not work with UltimateNewNetv0_9.GrapMut
RX8UL_3.RXCTF work with insta siege but if we spam the fire at respond ... we die. Seems to be FSW error ...if we scroll there is no error.

8/ RX8UL_3.RXCTF need arena mod RX8UL_3.StrangeArena Done with RXU9

9/ Missing settings for UltimateNewNetv0_9.DoubleJump make setting to change the hight jumps and double to triple jumps.

11/ Add mutator/server actor line = UltimateNewNetv0_9.NewNetSDOM
Right click not work

12/ You can adjust with ZRangeHack=True/False to fix this error...

13/ Reduceball is still here and can you make it with ini for setting it?

The In place not do the work supress balls if spam with it

14/ Animation only no fire when dropped shock rifle picking up, I'm right?
Postby jenova* » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:49 pm
yes that's right
It was causing only that someone-dropped shock rifle.
Postby Deepu » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:18 pm
Postby thiagoobr » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:50 am
The weapons bug does not activate actors with shots, it continues...
It's a beastly bug, but several players are crying, filling the bag.

15/ Make back 2k4Combos
It come with custom color HUD

16/ I found "ASMD can't fire bug" still existing !

17/ Make bot ok with teleport

18/ 0.9,1x +
Sometimes when you shift to a weapon you can hear that it fires, tho' no output to screen or impact to enemy - reminds a bit of the weapon act staying sometimes when you kill opponent (sound of their weapon keeps staying untill you fire the same weapon once) Persist in 9.2x

19/ 0.9.2
Way more lags as soon as players are +70ms ping over you, gives really nasty accuracy for hiting? Small jitters in fast movements - will make a demo, might just be my UT. But feels like high ping is priotized a bit too much.

20/ 0.9.2
Frequent UT crashes in start of the game, fewer in game but some, never had that before. Noticed a lot of other players has the same problem.

21/ 0.9,1x + Sounds steps, RL loading an shots is randomly missed, sometimes like players can switch it off? Can't be nosteps as its excluded in ACE - So an overall question, how much can be tampered with at clientside in UN? (generally in NN)

Hammer bad personal damages count
Must be ....
With full charge it must remaining 46/100 life OK done
With a little charge it must remaining 73/100 life this remove 36 instead of 27
For a right fire 94/100 this remove 10 instead of 6

Strange problem, that also happens in NN 03,9,2, but not that often, in UN it's persistant.
Switch from minigun to sniper you dont get the weapon sound, back again works perfectly, and all other weapon switchs also.
Under NN it happens 1/3 of the times, so seems to be a general code error somewhere, that got amplified in the UN version of 0,9,2.

In the fractal. and hammer primary not active!
in DM-StalwartXL has to arrange the secondary shot hammer is not activating and pulse gun secondary not active...

Can throw a weapon to other player or a bot

Blocks adjusting client side plug & play settings

Weapons can't hit movers & triggers to open door & locks


06 Avr 2018, 19:11
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