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Auteur:  medor [ 13 Nov 2016, 23:52 ]
Sujet du message:  Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

Le retour de ACE :rock.:

http://www.unrealadmin.org/forums/showt ... hp?t=31841



Spoiler: Afficher

This is a test build. It works fine for some people, but does not work at all for others. Please test this thoroughly before using it on public servers.


As you may have noticed, I've had some time to work on ACE recently (after a 5 year hiatus). Lots of things have changed so I want to start with a status update first. If you're not interested in the status update, then just scroll down to download the v1.0b package but install it AT YOUR OWN RISK!

You may remember that pre-0.9 versions of ACE were plagued with connection issues. People playing over WiFi or connections with packet loss were particularly impacted by this. This was not easy to fix because ACE's communication requirements don't fit nicely into Unreal Engine. To fix the problem, I designed a new networking layer that was separate from Unreal Engine. This new layer was stable in v0.9e, but that version had some new issues, which is why it was never publicly released.

The biggest problem of all was (and is) getting ACE to work well with the Linux server binaries. The Linux server binaries were built using some very old tools (gcc 2.95) and the only way to get ACE to work on Linux servers is to build it using those same tools. GCC 2.95 has a lot of known bugs and it lacks a lot of useful features (no sanitizers, no stable C++ support, ...), which makes it very hard to create a stable version of ACE for this platform. As a (hopefully temporary) solution, I've split ACE's server side into two components: the "Player Manager" and the "Connector". The Player Manager contains the bulk of the server-side logic. It runs as a separate program, which is why I can build it using modern tools. The Connector is a small library that takes care of the communication between the game server and the player manager. This component runs inside the game server process, which is why I have to build it using the old tools. This solution is ridiculously complex, but it has the advantage that it should be relatively easy to stabilize ACE's server side. The down side is that some game server providers might explicitly prevent you from running additional processes alongside the game server.

The current server side does not seem entirely stable yet. I have not been able to pinpoint the exact problem. Some of the testers have submitted logs in which the player manager and connector stop communicating, causing ACE to be disabled for new players that join the server. This might be an issue caused by XC_Engine, but we need more testing to confirm this.

The client side luckily has none of these problems. The new client comes with lots of bug fixes, performance improvements, compatibility fixes, and new protection features. It seems perfectly stable.

*** PLANS ***

The immediate plan is to stabilize the server side components. They seem perfectly stable when I test them internally, but some of the testers are reporting issues.

Mid-term, I really want to merge the server components back together, but this will not be possible unless we get updated server binaries. I've asked Epic for this. Last time we spoke, they said it might be possible. More news about this soon (hopefully).

Finally, the plan is to gradually open source all of the non-security critical components. Some components have already been open sourced (GitHub link available upon request). I've also given Higor (the creator of XC_Core/XC_Engine) access to the NPLoader source code.

*** CHANGES ***

A lot of things have changed since the last official release. The most notable changes are:

- New networking layer. This one works better for players with bad connections.
- ACE now stores its client-side settings in ACE.ini and remembers its settings even when the client gets updated.
- The file whitelist/blacklist is now a plain text file. This means that server admins can now allow new renderers themselves, without having to wait for me to update the official list.
- Support for Windows 10
- Support for TO 3.40 (untested! might require a filelist update)
- ACE can now check up to 255 UPackages
- Fixed a lot of false positive detections
- Added several new protection/detection routines
- ... and of course, a whole slew of bug fixes and performance improvements

A full changelog will be made available at http://utgl.unrealadmin.org/ACE/changes.txt


Basic installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL.txt document which is included in the ACE package.


An overview of configurable settings is available in the SETTINGS.txt document which is included in the ACE package.


Server-side stability: Some of the testers have reported stability issues on the server side. These issues might be caused by XC_Engine.

Installation Issues: Some other testers have reported issues installing the server files. These are caused by outdated system libraries. Please note that you will need glibc 2.15 or later on Linux. Linux distributions released before 2012 might have older versions of glibc.

Timeouts during check spawn: Some people have reported timeouts that are caused by ACE using the wrong network interface. To debug these issues, please add the following lines to your server.ini:



Spoiler: Afficher
_______ _______ _______
( ___ )( ____ \( ____ \
| ( ) || ( \/| ( \/
| (___) || | | (__
| ___ || | | __)
| ( ) || | | (
| ) ( || (____/\| (____/\
|/ \|(_______/(_______/

for Unreal Tournament
(c) 2009-2011 - AnthraX

ACE Changes

* [ADDED] You can now specify the port you want ACE to listen on. There is
also an option to allow ACE to try other ports if the specified port is not
* [ADDED] There is a new option to enable checking for spectators.
* [ADDED] Updated protection against both uscript based and native cheats
* [ADDED] Official support for TO 3.40. ACE v0.8h already had experimental
support for TO but on most of the TO maps, automatic installation of the ACE
dll failed.
* [FIXED] False positives
* [FIXED] The infamous dodge bug (needs testing!)
* [CHANGED] ACE can now automagically figure out which network interface it
should listen on. As a result, you no longer need to specify -MULTIHOME on
some Linux servers.
* [CHANGED] The whitelist/blacklist is now a plaintext file. Admins can easily
add and remove files from this list themselves.
* [CHANGED] Kick messages should be more comprehensive
* [CHANGED] The serverside components were almost entirely moved to C++ and are
now multithreaded. This should greatly reduce the load on the server.
Because check coordination and feedback processing now happens in C++, the
ACE interface was completely revamped. However, to maintain compatibility with
existing mods, player identification information (such as hardware ids) is
still accessible from uscript.
* [CHANGED] ACEIpDrv was merged with ACE_S
* [CHANGED] Client-side config is now read from/written to a version
independent config file. As a result, future versions of ACE will automatically
use the same client settings as the v0.9 client.
* [CHANGED] New networking system. The new system is much more resillient
against laggy/lossy connections.

* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [FIXED] Bug in highperf mode framerate capper
* [FIXED] Movement glitches (automatic dodging)
* [FIXED] Demo timer not resetting properly when using autorecord
* [FIXED] AutoConfig not recognizing UPackages in <file>.<extension> format
* [FIXED] Improved coping with connection issues
* [CHANGED] Various optimizations
* [CHANGED] By popular request, QPC is now used as the default timing method

* [CHANGED] Optimizations
* [FIXED] Minor bugs

* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [ADDED] Demo Status display! Shows whether or not you're recording a demo.
This feature will delight a lot of people and will annoy the crap out of others
so it can be toggled off easily using mutate ace setdemostatus or mutate ace
hidedemostatus. Use mutate ace help for more info.
* [ADDED] Affinity of the galaxy audio thread is now forced on multicore
systems. This will hopefully prevent the sound from cracking up so much.
* [ADDED] All Kentie D3D10 Renderers (up to v20) whitelisted
* [ADDED] Minor performance tweaks
* [FIXED] Screen freezing in WINE (whenever you moved the mouse)
* [FIXED] Mousewheel macros (logitech/razer mice) were being ignored
* [FIXED] Rare false positive in uscript cheat detection
* [CHANGED] Hardware ID temporarily disabled for WINE clients
* [CHANGED] Hardware ID reliability update
* [CHANGED] Made the InternalError 61-1 check more intelligent. Should result
less false positives but I can't promise anything

* [FIXED] Installation of the SSE version was broken
* [FIXED] Minor bug in the unloading routine
* [CHANGED] Greatly optimized one of the most resource intensive routines
(both speed and accuracy wise)

* [ADDED] Players now have to accept an EULA before installing ACE
* [ADDED] ACE now comes in 3 different flavors (normal, SSE optimized
and SSE/SSE2 optimized). NPLoader will automagically install the best version
for your computer.
* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [ADDED] Option bAllowUnknownPackages allows players with certain unknown
packages to join anyway (eg: UnrealShare, UnrealI)
* [ADDED] Experimental TO 3.40 compatibility
* [FIXED] Fixed a major bug in ACEIpDrv that caused timeouts and random
random internal errors
* [FIXED] Playback of serverside demos (needs testing!)
* [FIXED] ACE dll no longer required to watch demos (needs testing!)
* [CHANGED] New unloading method. No more freezes at the end of the map
* [CHANGED] The ACE/NPLoader dlls are now hidden from AnthChecker
* [CHANGED] Reverted a v0.7e change that caused minor framedrops
* [CHANGED] New loading method. Players with Mac OS can now play without
crashing. At least 2 players will be very happy with this change.
* [CHANGED] Bandwidth use reduced
* [CHANGED] ACE is now case insensitive when reading files on a linux server
* [CHANGED] ACE now works on Linux v436 servers without the Core.so patch
* [CHANGED] Major optimizations in the periodic scanning

* [FIXED] Users not being kicked properly

* [ADDED] The ACE AutoConfig actor now also detects nexgen hud extensions
* [FIXED] Bug in the unloading routine that sometimes caused crashes
* [FIXED] WINE false IAT hook (winmm!timeGetTime => kernel32!GetTickCount)
* [FIXED] Screenshots are finally working properly
* [FIXED] Screenshots cannot be taken while the player is loading ACE
* [FIXED] Bug in the Uscript call detection that sometimes caused false logs
* [FIXED] PackageHelper can now perform case insensitive file searches on linux
* [CHANGED] Greatly improved the ACE AutoConfig actor

* [FIXED] WINE incompatible ntdll.dll problem

* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [ADDED] ACE AutoConfig automatically adds maps with embedded code to the
UPackages list
* [ADDED] UnrealShare, UnrealI and Fire have been readded to the list of
automatically checked packages
* [FIXED] Players timing out when joining during pause
* [FIXED] Bug in the Callstack scanner that caused false positives on some maps
* [FIXED] Kick for people who came from UTDC servers
* [FIXED] Several stability fixes for ACEIpDrv.so
* [FIXED] Bug in the UPackage scanner that caused false positives (hooktype SE)
* [CHANGED] ACE now unloads at the end of the map rather than during the
mapswitch. Unloading has also been speeded up.
* [CHANGED] Minor tweaks to resolve rare timeout/sshot timeout issues
* [CHANGED] Improved protection added in v0.7/v0.7b
* [CHANGED] The ACE AutoConfig actor can now automatically detect and add any
custom huds, hudmutators, weapons and scoreboards you're running to the
UPackages list.

* [FIXED] Bug in the new protection
* [FIXED] Typo that might have caused occasional framedrops on dualcore systems

* [ADDED] UTDC Compatible MAC Hash
* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [ADDED] Hardware ID
* [ADDED] Load balancing in feedback system
* [ADDED] New commands "mutate ace highperftoggle", "mutate ace playersettings"
* [ADDED] "High Performance Mode": by using highperftoggle players can change
their timing settings back to those in v0.6q
* [FIXED] Another timeout issue
* [FIXED] Logs/SShots not being written properly because of unsupported chars
in the filenames
* [FIXED] Screenshots failing when taken on-demand or during the initial check
* [FIXED] Small bug that caused a bit of lag when new players joined
* [FIXED] Bug in the uscript cheat detection
* [FIXED] Critical bug in ACEIpDrv that made server crashing possible
* [FIXED] "Assertion failed: GObjBeginLoadCount==0" crash
* [CHANGED] Using timeGetTime and normal precision sleeps by default. Core
restriction lifted for this timingmode. For other timingmodes (RDTSC, GTC, QPC)
UT's rendering thread is still restricted to one core.
* [CHANGED] Different system for illegal uscript call detection. Faster and much
harder to bypass!
* [CHANGED] Made several kickmessages more user-friendly
* [CHANGED] Performance tweak in SleepMode 2
* [CHANGED] Improved stability of framerate in compatibility mode
* [CHANGED] Optimized loading routine for less lag
* [CHANGED] Several core routines optimized
* [CHANGED] SSE optimizations
* [CHANGED] Major serverside performance optimizations

* [FIXED] Initial check timeouts because of the cpu speed measurement
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] Bug in the AutoConfig/Main actor that lead to incompatibilities with EUT
* [FIXED] Screenshots weren't sent properly during the initial check
* [ADDED] A lot of common hacked uscript files are now recognised by ACE

* [FIXED] Conflict with ngWorldStats in UT Demo
* [FIXED] Security flaw in mac hash generation
* [FIXED] Error in ACEIpDrv which could cause timeouts during check spawn
* [FIXED] Another garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] UT Demo server stability issues
* [FIXED] Timeouts are finally gone (mostly for people with older hardware)
* [CHANGED] Performance tweaks for both the server and client

* This build doesn't exist because "v0.6o" looks stupid

* [ADDED] bDisableSoundFix option
* [ADDED] mutate ace sftoggle command to toggle the soundfix function
* [ADDED] mutate ace compattoggle command to toggle ace compatibility mode
* [FIXED] Demo playback issues
* [FIXED] Incompatibility with anthchecker
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector issues
* [FIXED] Memory corruption that caused random crashes. These crashes occured very frequently if
the client was recording a demo using udemo's auto-recording function
* [CHANGED] bNonStrictCapping option can now be used to let UTGLR handle frameratelimiting.
Enabling this option might reduce "lag" and screen tearing while using UTGLR renderers with SwapInterval=0
* [CHANGED] Speeded up the checks
* [CHANGED] Default InitialCheckTimeout increased to 70 seconds (up from 60)

* [FIXED] Crash for people with disabled firewalls
* [FIXED] Another garbagecollector fix
* [ADDED] Several missing packages on the whitelist

* [FIXED] Crashes when using the -nosound commandline parameter
* [FIXED] Crashes because of evil processes like windows blinds
* [FIXED] Possible crash in the routine that cleans up UTDC v2.1's traces
* [FIXED] Possible deadlock with timingmode 4
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] Minor bugs in ACEIpDrv
* [CHANGED] New feedback system
* [CHANGED] Reworked check spawn routine. Execution time down to ~0.5sec on my pc.
* [ADDED] Quick Check in the check spawn routine. The quick check should detect all public bots
* [ADDED] Automatic configuration of the firewall (UT.exe added to the allowed applications list)
* [ADDED] Ingame logo

* Experimental build

* [ADDED] Full WINE compatibility

* [FIXED] Package Scanner bugs due to the LeagueAS obfuscator
* [FIXED] VCheck scan bug due to ALAudio.dll

* [ADDED] Extra info for thunktable hooks
* [ADDED] Dynamic timeout scaling. Allows older hardware to run the checks more slowly
without timing them out.
* [ADDED] ACE now cleans up all UTDC hooks from the memory (should eliminate many false positives)
* [CHANGED] Fast dual cores (> 1.8Ghz) and 3+ core cpus run in "High Performance Mode"
This is very similar to the timing mode used in v0.6d (not v0.6e!). Players can override
this setting in User.ini (undocumented)
* [CHANGED] Increased checkspawn timeout by 5 sec
* [CHANGED] UT.exe, Editor.dll, Editor.u no longer checked because it's no longer needed
* [FIXED] You no longer get kicked for playing with that steam UT version

* [FIXED] Deadlock during mapswitches
* [FIXED] Timeouts during check spawn after mapswitches
* [CHANGED] Reverted v0.6d experimental fix

* [CHANGED] New timing system
* [CHANGED] Experimental timeout fix

* [FIXED] Deadlock in CPU speed measurement
* [FIXED] False iat hooks
* [FIXED] Minor memory leaks
* [CHANGED] Faster locking system

* [FIXED] Identification of older processors
* [CHANGED] Performance tweaks for multicore processors
* [ADDED] Windows 2000 compatibility

* [ADDED] ACE now has it's own implementation of IpDrv.dll/IpDrv.so/IpDrv.u. This is
done to circumvent some ancient bugs in this package.
* [FIXED] Minor memory leaks
* [FIXED] HUD rendering crash
* [CHANGED] Memory usage down by 50%

* [FIXED] Major stability issues (frequent crashes while executing uscript bytecode)
* [FIXED] Performance issues

* [CHANGED] LOTS and lots of optimizations to minimize the impact of ACE on
single core processors.
* [CHANGED] Got rid of the biggest resource hog
* [ADDED] Updated protection.

* [FIXED] Implemented a workaround for a bug that caused the UT v348 DEMO linux
server to crash during mapswitches.
* [FIXED] Another workaround for a bug that caused the UT v348 DEMO linux
server to refuse connections when more than 5 players were on the server.
* [FIXED] Bug that froze players that timed out during the initial check.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the CPU speed detection on Core 2 Duo T2xxx
CPUs (laptop series) to fail, resulting in lag/jerky play during the first 30
seconds after joining the server.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug where the server would log a timeout for players that
disconnected manually.
* [FIXED] Minor vcheck bugs
* [FIXED] Fixed a rare bug that would cause the timeout detection to trigger
too early.
* [FIXED] Fixed some "Accessed None" warnings in the serverlog.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug where external log files would not close properly during
mapswitches/server shutdown.
* [FIXED] Fixed some minor bugs in the official event handler that caused some
external log files to be incomplete.
* [CHANGED] Reworked checkspawn routine. Execution time down to 50%.
* [CHANGED] LOTS of performance tweaks.
* [ADDED] Several new protection routines.
* [ADDED] Protection against certain tools that can cause the server to become
unstable (such as masssuicide).

* [FIXED] Fixed a rare deadlock that caused the client to freeze during mapswitches.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused players with non-US English versions of Windows XP to time out.
* [CHANGED] Reworked feedback system for better security and performance.
* [CHANGED] ACE now creates a seperate external log for each kick. Additionally,
ACE can create a logfile with information about all the players who've joined
your server (bExternalLogJoins). One log per map is created.
* [ADDED] Screenshots. Thanks to PackageHelper_v12, ACE can store the
screenshots directly in JPEG format on the server. Screenshots are enabled
by default (bSShotWhenKick). If a player gets kicked the kick message will only
appear after the player has finished the upload of the sshot (or after 20
seconds if the screenshot upload fails).
* [ADDED] Merged the SoundFix code with ACE. This fix addresses a problem that
causes certain sounds to become amplified when a demo is being recorded.
* [ADDED] When bAutoConfig is enabled, ACE will spawn it's AutoConfig component
during map startup. This component tries to set up your UPackages list for you.
The AutoConfig is open source!

* First private beta

NPLoader Changes

* [FIXED] Mods with only 1 embedded dll in the loader package didn't install

* [ADDED] Mods can now attach an End User License Agreement to their infoclass.
This EULA is displayed and must be accepted by the players prior to installing
the mod on their computers.
* [ADDED] Mods can now embed multiple dll files into the same loader package.
Mod authors can specify the properties of each of these dll files (eg: minimum
required OS, required instruction set, ...). NPLoader will automatically find
and install the best of the embedded dlls.
As a result of this, ACE can now support SSE2 and SSE without breaking
compatibility with older hardware. A windows 9x version is being considered but
it is in no way a priority.
* [FIXED] Multiple system folder installation (eg: TO 3.40)
* [FIXED] "Can't find function Main..." crash when installing NPLoaderLL on
certain custom maps
* [CHANGED] NPLoader can no longer install mods that have infoclasses in the
old format (eg: UTDCv21/UTDCPlus)

* [CHANGED] Linux users are now always asked to manually install NPLoaderLL

* [FIXED] More garbagecollector crashes...

* [ADDED] Win9x Support
* [FIXED] More garbagecollector crashes
* [FIXED] Demo playback issues

* [FIXED] Garbagecollector crashes

* [FIXED] Installation errors under Windows Vista/7 Compatibility mode
* [FIXED] Auto mod installer bug (serverside)

* [CHANGED] New installation system. This will be much faster and more reliable
than the v1.3 system.
* [ADDED] Linux support.


Before update

You sure you removed all old ace files ?

remove the following files:
packagehelpers (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)
iace files
ace files
nploader files (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)
beaenginefork files (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)

optional playermanager folder in system, needs to be removed as well.
If it still occurs a serverlogfile maybe points out the cause.

Auteur:  medor [ 29 Jan 2017, 18:56 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10b

Mise à jours ACEv10e

Path to the PlayerManager: /data/ut-server/System/PlayerManager/ACEv10e_M
ACE: ERROR - Communication with PlayerManager failed - poll errno: 4 Interrupted system call
ACE: ERROR - PlayerManager Connection Failed
[ACEv10e]: ERROR: ACE could not spawn the PlayerManager.
[ACEv10e]: ERROR: ACE is now disabled.
ACE: ERROR - PlayerManager Connection Shutting Down!



Auteur:  medor [ 02 Fév 2017, 13:32 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

Before update

You sure you removed all old ace files ?

remove the following files:
packagehelpers (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)
iace files
ace files
nploader files (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)
beaenginefork files (*.dll / *.so where the *.so is actually only for linux)

optional playermanager folder in system, needs to be removed as well.
If it still occurs a serverlogfile maybe points out the cause.

Auteur:  Shado149 [ 10 Fév 2017, 22:45 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

j'ai un gros souci avec ACE, quand je veut l' installer pour jouer ca me fait une erreur fatale

existe-il une solution pour eviter ce crash ?

Auteur:  medor [ 10 Fév 2017, 23:44 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

Tu l'installe sur un server chez toi ou un server loué ?

Si c'est en tant que joueur il faut que tu click sur install all. Tu peut aussi l'installer manuellement en le téléchargeant ici.
Il faut autoriser ce scan par ton antivirus et parfeu peut etre bien

Auteur:  Shado149 [ 11 Fév 2017, 13:48 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

c'est quand je veut jouer et je cliquer sur installer et la ca plante donc l' installation foire.

Auteur:  medor [ 11 Fév 2017, 14:20 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

ok ça viens peut être de la configuration server donc installe les fichiers manuellement.
Ou retire ce que ça ta installé et essai d'aller sur un autre server ou il est en place.

Ta peut être aussi des ini en lecture seul ou c'est ton antivirus et parfeu qui ouvre une éventuellement une fenestre en arrière que tu voie pas.

Auteur:  medor [ 12 Fév 2017, 10:46 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

J'ai pas de problème à l'installation sur ce server qui est bien configuré http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ clique sur " install all " et pas sur install puis clique sur reconnect to server. :obgay:

Retire ces fichiers de ton system ou cache si tu les as

If this not work ave a look at you antivirus and firewall for make exception.
Manual install

Auteur:  Shado149 [ 14 Fév 2017, 19:57 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACE ACEv10e

c'est bon avec ton pack client files ca marche. il me manquait au moin 1 fichier.dll

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