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 Mise à jours Anticheat ACEv09d 
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Nouveau message Mise à jours Anticheat ACEv09d
Enfin la mise à jours d' ACE :turlututu: cheaters ... hp?t=31297

* [ADDED] Digitally signed file lists
* [ADDED] Debug functionality to ACENICHelper (can help to fix serverside
timeout issues)
* [ADDED] Tweaks to prevent overly aggressive NAT routers from killing ACE
connections (and subsequently causing timeouts)
* [ADDED] Windows 8/10 client support
* [ADDED] FreeBSD 8.3/9.x server support (IPv4 only)
* [ADDED] Live file list updating (the new updater can switch to new file lists
without rebooting the server)
* [ADDED] Disassembly dumps in hook detection logs
* [ADDED] Protection against replay attacks
* [ADDED] System DLL verification. This feature is somewhat experimental and
might have to be removed later. If it works, it will catch some previously
undetected cheats. The down side is there might be performance issues for
players with (really) old pcs and there might be some false positives.
* [CHANGED] Various improvements in the PE scanner module
* [CHANGED] After years of struggling with the antiquated gcc 2.95 compiler,
I've decided to split the serverside native component into two separate
shared libraries. ACEv09d_S is now a small(ish) shared library that
requires gcc 2.95. The bulk of the serverside functionality is in
ACEv09d_M, however. This library compiles with modern compilers and is
substantially more reliable and easier to maintain.
* [CHANGED] Improved detection of usable network interfaces on Windows
* [FIXED] WINE Kicks
* [FIXED] Lots and lots of bugs

* [FIXED] Crash when using mutate ace compattoggle
* [FIXED] False positive vtable detection (dsound.dll)

* [FIXED] Critical bug in the vtable scan. As a result of this bug, players were
kicked when switching from v0.8h to v0.9 servers and had to restart their game
in order to fix this.
* [FIXED] Incompatibility with NexGen. The root cause for this is an Unreal
Engine bug which I'll fix at a later date using ServerCrashFix.

* [ADDED] You can now specify the port you want ACE to listen on. There is
also an option to allow ACE to try other ports if the specified port is not
* [ADDED] There is a new option to enable checking for spectators.
* [ADDED] Updated protection against both uscript based and native cheats
* [ADDED] Official support for TO 3.40. ACE v0.8h already had experimental
support for TO but on most of the TO maps, automatic installation of the ACE
dll failed.
* [FIXED] False positives
* [FIXED] The infamous dodge bug (needs testing!)
* [CHANGED] ACE can now automagically figure out which network interface it
should listen on. As a result, you no longer need to specify -MULTIHOME on
some Linux servers.
* [CHANGED] The whitelist/blacklist is now a plaintext file. Admins can easily
add and remove files from this list themselves.
* [CHANGED] Kick messages should be more comprehensive
* [CHANGED] The serverside components were almost entirely moved to C++ and are
now multithreaded. This should greatly reduce the load on the server.
Because check coordination and feedback processing now happens in C++, the
ACE interface was completely revamped. However, to maintain compatibility with
existing mods, player identification information (such as hardware ids) is
still accessible from uscript.
* [CHANGED] ACEIpDrv was merged with ACE_S
* [CHANGED] Client-side config is now read from/written to a version
independent config file. As a result, future versions of ACE will automatically
use the same client settings as the v0.9 client.
* [CHANGED] New networking system. The new system is much more resillient
against laggy/lossy connections.


05 Juil 2016, 23:11
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Nouveau message Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACEv09d
enfin Windows 10 sera reconnu



15 Juil 2016, 21:41
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
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Nouveau message Re: Mise à jours Anticheat ACEv09d
je lui ai passé les dll que utilise windows 10 pour qu'il les autorise et de plus il seras beaucoup plus facile d'autoriser des nouveaux fichier et mods :picole:


16 Juil 2016, 07:05
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