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Auteur:  medor [ 12 Jan 2016, 08:30 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau ServerSide_Mods Annoucers GSA GenericScoreAnnounce

Generic Score Announce vous permet de paramétrer le son que vous voulez pour les annonces de score.
You have take the lead , You have lost the lead frag restants etc...

This mod allows you to use whatever sounds you want for the score announcing. Want to have a lion roar for taking the lead? Want to use a baby crying for losing the lead? It's totally up to you now.

To configure the mod open the ini file and you'll see this at the top:


The way this works is you select a package and sound and assign it to what you want it to be. For instance if I wanted to assign the "Flag Taken" sound from CTF to the "You have lost the lead" sound then I would edit that line to look like this:


...where "BotPack" is the package and "flagtaken" is the sound in that package.

Once you have edited all the lines to your satisfaction just upload the ini to the server and everyone will enjoy your work. It's a very simple matter of importing sounds into a UAX file via the editor if you want to make completely new stuff. See me if you want to learn how, it's not hard to do and it will let you create the perfect atmosphere. Your server can be full of kitten noises or screaming orgasms, it's up to you.

Add this to the server ini:
Mutator name is "GenericScoreAnnounce.GenericScoreAnnounce"

Remember! If you use custom sound packages you need to add a "ServerPackages=" line to the server for all the sound files you reference in your ini. If you don't then the client on the server may not hear the sound.

Lastly, this mod was done by request and as always you have full permissions to do whatever floats your boat with it. Source code was included and lightly annotated if you are new to scripting. Yell at me if you need some help.

(gopostal, JackGriffin)


http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... nounce.zip

Autres announcer

http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... archMode=f

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