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 Nouveau Weapons RixuelWeapons1V1 
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Nouveau message Nouveau Weapons RixuelWeapons1V1
RixuelWeapons ou Rixuel Weapons Comprend 4 armes dévastatrices avec modification de fonction par click droit.
Possibilité suivant les armes et leurs options de se redonner de la vie ,de faire un bouclier.

I finally finish my ut weapons (Coding, debug, testing) o.o

I will attach the .zip file that contains the .u files and their source codes.

Feel free to put my weapons in your maps if you want :3

Info about the weapons

- Draw on wall
- Shielding from projectile
- Recovering yourself 25 HP up to 2500 HP max.

- You can headshot with primary shot. Stronger than normal Shock Rifle's primary fire.
- Secondary shot can outdamage the instagib with white dispersion projectiles.
- Ammo doesn't consumed (same as instagib). It uses normal Shock Rifle ammo.
- Can cause a redeemer explosion if you shot a shock ball (shock ball from the old ASMD weapon also work too)

- Use normal enforcer/minigun ammo.
- 7 modes:
-- Normal mode: Accurated as a sniper. Shot fast as a normal minigun. A little stronger than the normal one. Can do headshot damage.
-- Blaster: Shoot blue and red dispersion projectile + stinger projectile.
-- Shock Ball mode: Shoot shock ball. If you have RixuelRifle and SpellMinigun, you know what to do for hunting monsters :P Just dont kill your teammates o.o
-- Double razor mode: Shoot 2 razor blades. Accurated.
-- Dropper mode: drop flak shells and rocket launcher grenade
-- Plasma rocket mode: shoot pulse gun projectile + rocket projectile. lol
-- Recharing ammo: MAGIC! You recharge ammo. ie you can get up to 1000 ammo with only 1 ammo xD

- Use normal sniper ammo.
- Can zoom, can do headshot damage, stronger than a normal sniper.
- Shot extra projectiles. Plasma, flak, 2 rockets, 2 razors, dispersion. (All modified, so their speed is faster than usual)
- All projectiles combined can outdamage the instagib.

Weapon[0]=MOD:GraffitiTool DES:Graffiti Tool STR:GraffitiTool.GraffitiTool AMO:Botpack.Miniammo
Weapon[1]=MOD:MagicSniper DES:Magic Sniper Rifle STR:MagicSniper.MagicSniper AMO:Botpack.BulletBox
Weapon[2]=MOD:RixuelRifle DES:Rixuel Rifle STR:RixuelRifle.RixuelRifle AMO:Botpack.ShockCore
Weapon[3]=MOD:SpellMinigun DES:Spell Minigun STR:SpellMinigun.SpellMinigun AMO:Botpack.Miniammo



Téléchargement ...

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25 Oct 2015, 15:37
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