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Nouveau Weapons SBMutatorFastWarShell-Rev1
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Auteur:  medor [ 25 Oct 2015, 14:59 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau Weapons SBMutatorFastWarShell-Rev1

Un redeemer rapide avec vitesse et annonce de lancement paramétrable :ok1:

= This package contains the mutator "SBMutatorFastWarShell" for Unreal Tournament (UT99) =

== What it does (short) ==
Every time a Warheadlauncher comes into the game, the speed of the Warshell is set from the default 600 to 6666.
Furthermore on launch the sound "Nuclear Launch Detected" is played for every player.

== What it does (long) ==
If a WarHeadLauncher or a sub class of it enters the game, the mutator checks its ProjectileClass. If it is equal to the default value 'WarShell', it is replaced by the 'SBWarShell', which has a higher speed and sound play on launching. The same is done then with 'AltProjectileClass': if the value is the default value 'GuidedWarShell', it is replaced by 'SBGuidedWarShell'. Here only the launch sound works; I didn't get it to change the speed.
The sound and speed values can be changed by editing the configuration file "SBMutatorFastWarShell.ini".

If a mapper has put a sub-classed WarHeadLauncher into a map, the replacement is only done for the default projectiles. If the mapper has defined other projectiles, they won't be changed. So the intention of the mapper is kept.

== Installation ==
(Client & Server)
Put the files
into your UT\System directory. Change the values in "SBMutatorFastWarShell.ini" to your needs. Documentation can be found in there.

=== Server ===
* The file ".\redirect\SBMutatorFastWarShell.u.uz" goes to the server where your download redirection points to.
* Add "ServerPackages=SBMutatorFastWarShell" in Section [Engine.GameEngine] in "UT\System\UnrealTournament.ini".

== Usage ==
=== Client ===
Start UT and and choose the mutator "Fast Redeemer" for a local game.
=== Server ===
Generic instruction only: Add "SBMutatorFastWarShell" to the list of mutators. Details depends on server configuration and addons.

== Copyright ==
This package is copyleft - do whatever you want.
=== About ===
17 Sep 2015, Barbie
Contact: SeriousBarbie at googlemail dot com
Filelist: see file "./md5sums.txt"

== Changelog ==
=== SBMutatorFastWarShell-Rev1, 17 Sep 2015 ===
* added sound
* added configuration by INI file
* projectiles are only changed, if default projectiles
=== SBMutatorFastWarheadLauncher, 29 Aug 2015 ===
* first release


http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... l-Rev1.zip

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