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Nouveau Zeroping LCWeapons_0016
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Auteur:  medor [ 05 Oct 2015, 19:36 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau Zeroping LCWeapons_0016

LCWeapons ZP et lag compensateur intégrant des armes de plus en ZP.
- NYACovertSniper <-> ZP
- ChamRifle <-> ZP
- h4xRiflev3 <-> ZP
- MonsterHunt2Beta Rifle <-> ZP
- SunlightShockRifle <-> ZP (loaded from AWM_Beta1)
- Liandri Minigun <-> LC
- SiegeInstagibRifle <-> ZP (SiegeUltimate, SiegeIV)
- Some small weapon variations from AWM_Beta1.u
- AlientAssaultRifle (AARV17)

Config files now properly update.

LC Weapons now respect the default weapon's switch priorities.

Prediction: element advancer is now stable.
- Advances pawns and projectiles if weapon has no LC code (or LC/Prediction is disabled)
- Advances projectiles if weapon has LC code.
- No advancement if player is using a NewNet weapon.

Server's default prediction cap is 150ms.
Player can now alter the prediction milliseconds cap with a command.
** Informs the player of the server's prediction cap and the client's forced prediction
** values if he has any.
** Informs the client on how to force a prediction cap
** Force prediction cap, replace _PING_ with a value.
** IF VALUE = 0 or DISABLE: prediction is disabled
** IF VALUE = -1 or DEFAULT: prediction is handled by server settings
** ELSE, USE VALUE as milliseconds cap.

Fixed bug that disabled the 'direction' buffer on Impact Hammer.
Fixed accessed none logs when shooting pawns without meshes or animations.
Fixed rare level switch crash.

Self-piston applies the velocity change on high ping clients almost perfectly.

Ducking players can be headshotted by LC Sniper Rifle.


http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... s_0016.zip

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