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Update XConsole V November 2015

XConsole est un mode qui remplace votre console UT et rajoute de nombreuses fonctions et commandes de console.Vous avez un coté ludique aussi comme faire apparettre des monstre ou des armes ...

pour les joueurs:

Changement facile de teams.
Change les couleurs "say/teamsay" de vos messages dans le HUD.
Changement rapide de joueur à spectateur et vice versa.
Login : texte ou HTML avec support CSS (fonctionne avec CSHP ).
Quickly dump console text to a log file using 'dump' command
Turns on/off various types of messages in console for better reading
Load/Save custom key configs
Functions for LeagueAS match servers
Demo recording tab. Auto-records etc.

For admins and mods

Front-end for server Admin, LeagueAS, UTPure, UTDC and ASH
Server control for admins and LeagueAS mods
Use the console in Command, Say, Teamsay, Admin or Moderator mode

Spoiler: Afficher
Help Help Menu
help pages Help on tabs/pages
help commands Help on commands
help aliases Help on aliases
help irc Help on irc

log Toggle logging chat
lock Make logging sticky (start when UT starts)
spec Spectate
play Play
spectate Ditto
follow <ID> Follow player with ID. It saves their name and will work over each map change until they leave or you use 'stopfollow'
stopfollow Stop following a player
loadtimer Loads the log timer (can cause kick)
killtimer Kill the log timer
safemode Switch logging mode to safemode (no kick)
timeon Turn on time in console status bar
timeoff Turn off time
showdemowin Make the demo recording window visible
modlogin Moderator login (LAS only)
modlogout Moderator logout (LAS)
login [password] Admin login with saved password. If password is given it is saved so you only need use 'login' alone next time (saves on server IP basis) *Only works with saved passwords when the 'Admin' page is showing.
logout Admin logout
dump Save chat log to file save in XLogs/
info Various info on level, time etc
load Load saved settings (obsolete)
save Manually save settings
trans Toggle transparent console background
beep Make a beep!
playbeep Ditto but with a different method
time Echo time to console
saytime Say the time in game
saydate Say the date in game
sticky Makes the console stick to the screen so that you can move in game while watching output (meant for debugging really. Esc closes it)
blue/red/green/gold Change teams to whichever
alias Work with command aliases (see below)
rememberpos Remember console position
freeze Freeze console scrolling
close Close console
viewmode <0/1> Save behindview mode for use with other commands that use it
setadminpass <pass> Set and save the admin pass
setmodpass <pass> Set and save the moderator pass (LAS)
adminlogin <pass> Admin login and save pass for server IP
login <pass> Ditto
moderatorlogin <pass> Moderator login (LAS)
echo <text> Echo text to console
exo <text> Echo text to console and chat area in HUD
font <1,2,3,4> Adjust console font
listfont <1,2,3,4> Adjust font in player list (1-4)
inputfont <1,2,3,4> Adjust font in input box (1-4) (not on IRC page yet)
keys <N> Load key macros number N
list <class> List actors in game
scan Scan all players for hitbox, hitradius misuse
spy <ID> Scan single player for hitbox, hitradius etc
xsummon Summon actor using current gametype as package name if no other package is given (Botpack etc)
chatonly Toggle on/off only seeing chat in the console
timestamps Toggle on/of timesstamps in the console (not game time, real time.)
colours Toggle on/off coloured nicks in console
colors Ditto
links Toggle on/off clickable links
xspec Toggle new spectator mode that follows player in 3rd person and auto-aligns to their direction
xspec on XSpec on
xspec off XSpec off
stats on/off Show Siege Stats for specced player in HUD
stats <colour1> <colour2> Set stats text colours. Colours can be red, blue, green, gold or cyan.
viewbyname When doubleclicking on name in player list, it will execute 'viewplayer <name>' command.
viewbynum Like above but uses 'viewplayernum <id>' (default).
SavePlayer Save currently viewed player, while spectating.
SavePlayer Clear Clear saved player.
ViewSaved Switch to viewing the saved player.

*UT99's ViewPlayerNum command doesn't always work. UTPure fixed it, but on servers where it doesn't work use viewbyname.


Aiases are a way to make shortcuts for long commands (or any command really). There can be more than one command in an alias and they will be run one after the other.

Alias commands:

alias List aliases
alias add <alias name> <command(s)> Add or update and alias. Commands should be separated by a ; semi-colon
alias del <alias name> Delete an alias


alias add 0 behindview 0; close

Now when you type '0' in the console it will execute a behindview 0, followed by the close command which closes the console. You can have as many commands in an alias as UT will allow (not totally sure how long a command string can be before it complains!). You cannot however put one alias inside another.

Some aliases are already made for you as examples (on install for first time only!):

s = spec (go from player to spectator)
p = play (go from spectator to player)
r = red (change team to red)
b = blue (change team to blue)

The were made by these commands:
alias add s spec
alias add p play
.. etc



Middlemouse Toggle first person, third person view and sets ViewMode variable.
Alt-p Open console settings panel.



%GAME% Will be replaced by current gametype (summon %GAME%.class for example)


IRC commands (for the console, not IRC page):

IRC commands are aimed at sending commands to IRC bots, rather than general IRC use, but can be used for pretty much anything. They were built for the admin bot on uK servers. In game you can ':target' a player, which saves that players ID, then send the IRC bot a command to moderate that player via private message to the bot. The ID of course changes each level, so you need to set it again after each map change. Example:

First set your IRC bot's nick as %IRCBOTNICK%:
:ircbotnick IRCInstaGibBot

Then add a 'kick' command:

to add the kick command, then after that ':target' a player and just use

to kick him or her. You can target by spectating the player and typing 'target' or alternatively use 'target N' where N is the player ID in the player list box. You can also set up a kickid command to kick by name by ommiting the %TARGET% and using %MSG% instead:
:add kickid PRIVMSG %IRCBOTNICK% kickid %MSG% %PASSWORD%

Then you'd use ':kickid N' where N is the player's ID from player list box.


:add <aliasname> <aliascommand> Add an IRC command
:del <aliasname> Delete an IRC command
:list List custom IRC commands
:irc <command> Send a command to IRC
:connect <netname|server> Connect to name network name or server
:disconnect Disconnect
:target [stop] Set current spectated player as %TARGET%
:ircbotnick <irc bot nick> Set IRC nick/channel for privmsg (saves in UnrealTourname.ini)
:ircbotpass <password> Set IRC bot password (saves in UnrealTournament.ini)


%TARGET% Variable that gets replaced by game nick targetted (':target' command on player)
%IRCBOTNICK% Variable that gets replaced by IRC nick targetted (':ircbotnick' command)
%PASSWORD% Variable that gets replaced by the IRCBotPass variable set by ':ircbotpass'
%MSG% Variable that is replaced by all text following a command. Useful for 'say' or 'admin say'

Note that IRC commands use raw IRC commands, where PRIVMSG is used instead of /msg that you'd normally use in a client. See the IRC RFC for details. MSG command is automatically converted to PRIVMSG by UT's IRC Link so it can be used instead of PRIVMSG.

RightMouse Toggles between target and own camera.


Nukers stuff (Siege spectator mode for spectating nukers):

nukers <team/all/stop> [weapon] Follow nukers in Siege. Weapon defaults to sgNukeLauncher. Team means red, blue, green or gold.
prevnuker Previous Nuker
nextnuker Next nuker
togglehud Toggle on/off the nukers/remover hud functions
extrabuttons Toggle on/off reading the nukers buttons
autoswitch Toggle on/off autoswitching viewing nukers
Mousesheel Cycle nukers list
nukedelay Sets the time to remain on nuker after he/she has died (default 200)

While spectating with nukers activated left mouse cycles players and sets normal (non-nuker) spectatee, mouse wheel cycles up and down nukers list. Note that nukers are found when they switch to a nuke so that they are holding it.


There are 4 buttons that XConsole will scan for if bExtraButtons=True
(Use the ExtraButtons command)

Since there are 4 buttons this gives us 15 possible combinations in a
binary formation reading right to left:
0001 0010 0011 ... etc

The buttons are bExtra3, bExtra2, bExtra1, bExtra0

So then the mapping looks like this: 3210

A button is activated by the keybind 'button bExtraN' where N is the number

Example in User.ini:
PageUp=button bExtra0
PageDown=button bExtra1

For a combination just specify the ones that should be ON with a | divider:
Delete=button bExtra1 | button bExtra0

This corresponds to Button0011 in your UnrealTournament.ini
[XConsole.XConsole] section:
which by default is set to toggle the XConsole HUD

The first time you open the console the defaults are saved in

So setting these binds up is a twofold action: you need to set the keybind
and set the ButtonNNNN in UnrealTournament.ini for the command you want

You can put any command on these keys, but they were intended for nukers things so the defaults are:


The Buttonlist command will list Button commands in console.

See 'help buttons' for more info.


Removers stuff (Siege moderator commands):

removers Follow team removers in Siege
removershud Toggle on/off removers in the hud

Téléchargement ... ov2015.rar


29 Nov 2015, 14:42
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