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 Nouveau Patches XC_Engine XC_Engine_09 
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Nouveau message Nouveau Patches XC_Engine XC_Engine_09
Global features:
- (All) Logging when the native functions in the engine Start/End for better documentation.
- (Dedicated Server) Initialization and update of Moving Brush Tracker in Dedicated servers.
- (Dedicated Server) Moving brush tracker fix can be ignored on certain user-defined maps.
- (Server) Ability to send 'undownloadable' maps.
- (Server, Standalone player) Faster map list generation algorithm via GetMapName() native hack.
- (Server, Standalone player) Retrieval of map list can now be sorted globally or by folder.
- (All) Makes several properties from native only classes visible to UnrealScript, player commands and edit windows (win32). Below table for more info.
- (All) Timing fix for computers that change CPU frequencies (STILL NEEDS DUALCORE FIX INSTALLED!)
- (Server, Standalone player) PlayerPawn.GetWeapon function enhanced in runtime, works in any engine version.
- (Server, Standalone player) ScriptedPawn.SetEnemy function enhanced in runtime, attacks bots as well.
- (Server, Standalone player) UT_Eightball.NormalFire.Tick function enhanced in runtime, accessed none log warning fixed when use by bots.
- (Server, Standalone player) Bot.SetOrders function enhanced in runtime, accessed none log warning fixed when issued with monsters in the map.
- (Server, Standalone player) PlayerCanSeeMe() native function replaced with a bugfixed and crash-free version.
- (Server) PreLogin hook allows other actors to deny players from joining servers.
- (Server) TravelManager subsystem providing extended inventory handling for Coop games (don't lose items on reconnect).
- (All) Version 451 GET and SET command functionality.
- (Client) Automatic cache conversion to desired directories.
- (All) Collision Octree replacing the old hash. (experimental)
- (All) Cleaner map switch by nulling out transient actor references to the main level.

Collision octree implemented.
Fixed engine hooks not being shut down after initial fly-by map.
Removed Unneeded code.
Added bEnableDebugLogs property to filter out most debug information.
Added actor reference cleaner for Transient/Entry/ScriptedTexture objects, prevents most mapswitch crashes.
Fixed cache converter doing funky stuff when there's multiple folders for the same file type.
Included Octree, Transient cleaner and Travel Manager source code.

Téléchargement ...

UT99 files

21 Fév 2015, 20:04
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