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Auteur:  medor [ 15 Fév 2015, 13:35 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau Mapvotes MapVoteULv2.4

* Changed background color
* Added background color changing window
* Added Mapvote logo
* Fixed log error

Mapvote qui aurais pu devenir ultime si elle reprenais le mod d'affichage de la mapvola13 et non la v2 qui ne s'adapte pas aux basses résolution des joueurs cherchant les performances ou qui on des pc faibles.
On espère une version adapté à toutes les résolutions pour l'adopter définitivement

En effet avec 8 colonnes de vote au lieu de 4 et 200 CustomGameConfig 300 List1Filter par colonnes et 2048 filtres elle serais parfaite pour un server multimode.

Map Vote Ultimate v2.1 for UT by Deepak O V & SpEcTra_7 (admin@ultimateut.in)

Release Date 14/02/2015

Map Vote Ultimate needs 1024X768 or more resolutions for fitting column width on the screen.

What is Map Vote Ultimate v2.1?
Map Vote Ultimate is a Mapvote Mutator that allows the players to vote for the next map being played

Main Features:

- Voting for up to 2024 maps
- 8 Customizable Map Lists+
- Added startup logo
- Customizable Mapvote Background Color
- Added Mapvote background color changing window
- Customizable Mapvote Map box text Color
- Up to 200 Custom gametypes where you can assign Prefixes, Mutators and Settings
- Filter system (supporting Wildcards) to implement detailed Maplist assignments (up to 8x256 Filters)
- Predefined Maplist if noone voted (return to default maps)
- Automatically mapswitch to a predefinded Maplist if server is empty for a certain time (return to default maps)
- Priority System for Maplists
- Re-Vote limit (avoidable for certain maplists)
- Kickvote to kick players
- Displaying a Clanlogo within the votemenu
- Support for Assault and LeagueAssault
- Automatic removal of crashed maps (to prevent them to be revoted)
- Mapplaycount report and Mapsequence report
- Detailed in-game Admin page for most of the configuration

Installation (Server)
1) copy the .u, .int and .ini files to the UT\System folder
2) add to the UnrealTournament.ini in section [Engine.GameEngine] the following entry


The configuration is done in the file MapVoteULv2_1.ini
Most of the settings can be changed in-game too. If you log in as admin and open the Mapvote you will get an additional Admin Tab

UPDATE FROM MapVoteULv2 TO MapVoteULv2_1
In MapVoteUL the MutatorActorConfig[] has been removed and merged into the CustomGameConfig[].
Remove the MutatorActorConfig[] entries and start the server and do a servertravel. The CustomGameConfig[] settings should now
have been expanded and you can apply the Mutators there.

Starting up Mapvote
Fire up your server and choose "Map Vote Ultimate 2.1" from the Mutator Tab

* to open the votemenu midgame use the following keybinding: "mutate bdbmapvote votemenu" or say !v
* to open the Background color changing in midgame use the following keybinding: "mutate bdbmapvote help" or say !mvc
* to adjust settings in-game log in as admin and open the votemenu, you will get an additional admin tab for configuration ;)

FAQ: What settings do I need in MapVoteULv2_1.ini?

1) Step 1: Loading Maps

For default gametypes there are predefined keys to enable the maps:

To load cusom gametypes, mutators and settomgs you can use up to 200 'CustomGameConfig's.
Here some examples to load iDM, iCTF, iAS, RocketArena and Bunnytrack:


* Mind: to distinct Maps with same name but different gametype/mutators/settings you have to change the prefix.
E.g.: to load Deathmatch and Insta-Deathmatch just change the prefix of the Insta-Deathmach to 'iAS'

* Custom Settings:
You can use several custom settings by seperating them with a comma. E.g.: "FriendlyFireScale=1.0,Aircontrol=0.8"
IMPORTANT: If you use custom settings in the CustomGameConfigs you have to make sure those settings get reset to Default for all other maps:
E.g.: DefaultSettings="FriendlyFireScale=0.0,AirControl=0.35"

2) Step 2: Assign the maps to a maplist

Tell the mapvote in which list the maps should be displayed. Use the (up to 48 per list) 'List1FilterX[Y]' variables for this.
You can use wildcards in the Filters. Some Examples:

Loading all Assault maps into List 1:

Loading AS-Asthenosphere, AS-Bridge and AS-Rook into list 3:

Loading all iDM maps into List 4:

Hint: If you have changed some prefixes you can/have to use the new prefixes in the Filters (like iDM for Insta)
Hint: You can use Wildcards. E.g.: DM-A* or *castle*

Q: How do I add a clanlogo into mapvote (displayed in the middle of the Votewindow)?
A: LogoTexture=ClanLogoPackage.TextureName
Make sure the Clanlogo is added to the Serverpackages aswell

Q: Can I use wildcards in the filter?
A: Yes you can. E.g.: List1Filter[0]=AS-B* will filter all AS maps that start with the letter 'B'

Q: What are all the other parameters for?
A: Support forum: http://forum.ultimateut.in/

Version History:
* Changed background color
* Added background color changing window
* Added Mapvote logo
* Fixed log error

* Added : 8 maplist boxs
* Added : Map box text Color
* Added : Mapvote background color
* Added : (!) say commands
* Fixed : Mapvote tips html file
* Enhanced: No 256 maps limit per MapList any more. All 2024 maps can be put into one list if desired
* Enhanced: Improved maploading/filter algorithm. Maps that get filtered off do not count for the maplimit any more. So all 2024 map slots can be used for visible maps.
* Enhanced: Added an ExcludeFilter[2048] to remove special maps. This Filter can be enabled/disabled via admin menu
* Enhanced: You can enabled/disabled 30 Custom Gametypes in admin window



http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... archMode=f

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New build and Search option.

http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... archMode=f

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