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 Ajout Weapons dgh-DefinitiveGrapplingHook 
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Nouveau message Ajout Weapons dgh-DefinitiveGrapplingHook
Mettre UseGrapple dans la console pour avoir un aperçu.
Ce grappin dispose aussi d'un anti spam

Ce grappin est pas récent le dernier et préférentiel reste NDgrap49b.

The Definitive Grappling Hook

The DGH is a mutator which adds a grappling hook with options to choose between Lithium-style physics and the improved RealGrapplingHook physics, new from Mod Exemplar Project, as well as anti-camper options.

Features and Usage :

Lithium Style GrapplingHook (LGH)
Simply point and click. The LGH will draw you towards the instant-hook's location at a constant velocity.
Configurable Options :
Velocity - the velocity at which you move towards the instant-hook's location. The default is 1000.
Defy Gravity - allow players to hook to positions at lower heights, is used to prevent falling damage. The default is Off.

RealGrapplingHook (RGH)
Aim and fire to throw the hook. The hook will arc (affected by gravity) so take gravity into account. When the hook has hit level geometry, it will set. If the hook is above you enough, you can simply shimmy up to the hook right then. You can run around with the hook already set, the line will accomodate.
To start swinging, find a ledge and run off, or shimmy up to the hook (provided you are positioned enough beneath the hook and aren't too far away from the hook). Once you have begun swinging, you can affect your movement in the air as normal, affecting the swing. The line will bend around level geometry as you swing around corners and such, but be careful not to trap yourself under a ledge. If this happens, simply shimmy down enough to have swinging room, and then swing out into view of the rest of the line and start shimmying up again. If you swing above the height of the hook position, the hook will retract and you will start freefalling.

Configurable Options Overall :
Anti-Camper Timer - the amount of time a hook will remain set before it is automatically retracted. This prevents people from camping by grappling up to high places and sniping. Default is 10 seconds. If set to 0.0, the timer is turned off.

Controls :
Controls can be bound through the normal player control setup window.
Use Grapple - hold down this key to throw/use the grappling hook. Letting go of this key will retract the hook.
Shimmy Up - only valid with the RGH. Pulls you closer to the hook (or nearest bend in the line).
Shimmy Down - only valid with the RGH. Lowers you on the line (from the nearest bend).

Programmed, Designed, Copyright (C) 2000 by Martin "Pfhoenix" Actor

// DGH_KeyBindings //
// //
// Copyright (C) 2000 by Mod Exemplar Project //

class DGH_KeyBindings expands UTExtraKeyBindings;

SectionName="DefinitiveGrapplingHook Mutator"
LabelList(0)="Use Grappling Hook"
LabelList(1)="Shimmy Up Grapple Line"
LabelList(2)="Shimmy Down Grapple"
AliasNames(0)="UseGrapple | OnRelease StopGrapple"
AliasNames(1)="ShimmyUpGrapple | OnRelease StopShimmying"
AliasNames(2)="ShimmyDownGrapple | OnRelease StopShimmying"

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28 Jan 2015, 15:07
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