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 Ajout Mods war20 
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Nouveau message Ajout Mods war20
War v2.0 est un mod qui comprend 15 armes mais qui refond aussi les effets de UT.
L’armure est une combinaison qui vous donne des pouvoirs et un skin de Boss aqua liquide très réussi
Pleins de trucs et effets spéciaux c'est à tester

Weapon[0]=MOD:WAR DES:AutoLauncher STR:WAR.AutoLauncher AMO:WAR.AutoPack
Weapon[1]=MOD:WAR DES:BlitzGun STR:WAR.blitzgun AMO:WAR.EnergyCore
Weapon[2]=MOD:WAR DES:Germ Sprayer STR:WAR.GermSprayer AMO:Botpack.BioAmmo
Weapon[3]=MOD:WAR DES:HAR (Heavy Attack Rifle) STR:WAR.HAR AMO:Botpack.BulletBox
Weapon[4]=MOD:WAR DES:Kill-o-Matic STR:WAR.KilloMatic AMO:WAR.ExplosiveShotShells
Weapon[5]=MOD:WAR DES:knife. STR:WAR.WarKnife AMO:WAR.KnifeAmmo
Weapon[6]=MOD:WAR DES:MAC STR:WAR.MAC AMO:Botpack.Miniammo
Weapon[7]=MOD:WAR DES:Marine Shotgun STR:WAR.MS AMO:none
Weapon[8]=MOD:WAR DES:MAS STR:WAR.MAS AMO:UnrealShare.Shells
Weapon[9]=MOD:WAR DES:MRQL STR:WAR.MRQL AMO:Botpack.RocketPack
Weapon[11]=MOD:WAR DES:Slammer STR:WAR.Slammer AMO:none
Weapon[12]=MOD:WAR DES:SRQL STR:WAR.SRQL AMO:UnrealShare.Shells
Weapon[13]=MOD:WAR DES:Stealth Snipe STR:WAR.StealthSnipe AMO:Botpack.BulletBox
Weapon[14]=MOD:WAR DES:WallMaker STR:WAR.WallMaker AMO:WAR.ReCharger

Ammo[0]=MOD:WAR DES:AutoPack STR:WAR.AutoPack
Ammo[1]=MOD:WAR DES:Energy Core. STR:WAR.EnergyCore
Ammo[2]=MOD:WAR DES:ExplosiveShotShells STR:WAR.ExplosiveShotShells
Ammo[3]=MOD:WAR DES:KnifeAmmo STR:WAR.KnifeAmmo
Ammo[4]=MOD:WAR DES:ReCharger STR:WAR.ReCharger

\ / /\ | \
\ / / \ |__/
\ /\ / /----\ | \
\/ \/ / \ | \V2.0


Title: WAR Pack v2.0
Version: 2.0
Release Date: March 20, 2001

Place WAR.u and in you UT/system folder
Put Bossskins_Reaper.utx in your ut/textures dir
Read this through too
Then load up UT, and play this mod

Remember to use the controls menu(in preferences) to set a button for the jetpack, in game hit the button and hold it down to thrust upwards. I suggest you use Shift, I have made the bind
"Walking | JetOn | OnRelease JetOff" so you can still use it as a normal shift(Thanks Kangus for the menu code).

This mod is composed of parts of several mods and ideas.

CT3(Capture The Three): A ctf mod with 3 different objects to capture with different values, and capture effects, long idea(Postal has a very long description, with many uncertainties and variation), so we wont go in to detail.

WarWerks: WarWerks is a class-based mod, like Team Fortress Classic for Half-Life. But unlike TFC, the classes and weapons are very unrealistic, with Ninjas and Wizards along with clones, etc. This mod for Unreal224 that never was finished.

WarSuits: Not to go into detail, but heavy powered armor suit with classes game idea.

PowerMad: PowerMad is a CTF game. The idea is that your fort needs energy to power its defenses. You get energy by shooting Crystals, which creates crystal shard pickups. You bring these shards back to your fort and throw them into the Power Plant, which updates the energy of the fort.(Pretty much done, but not included with this release due to is dependence on maps/no bot surport)

Our ultimate goal to make a new set of game types like assault and ctf with totally new game play, but at the moment, none of us know how to achieve what we want. Currently I am striving to produce a nice weapons pack. After the release WAR pack 2.0, I Postal am going to try to fulling incorperate PowerMAD into WAR.

So here in this package is a collection what we think it fun. We give you a real sniper rifle(I have started to snipe again). A powerful starting weapon, so you are not defenseless when you start off. These weapon are rather strong so hurt, maim, kill.

Postal ( Director/Senior Coder/Misc
Cutter ( Weapons Coder/Umod Maker
Nephilpal Coder/Txt Editor/Ideas
Bizarro Mapper/Coder
Killah Ideas
Lavyathen Ideas/Skiner
Hamrat Beta Tester/Web site

Special Thanks Too:
Max Smokes (Models)
Kangus (Keybinding menu, reviews and suggestions, network testing)
Brian Fisher (Gave us 2 maps)
Sprint1 (Gave us WarWerks)
Matt Tagliaferri (Gave Us PowerMad)
Nagual (Allowed use of his Flame Thrower Code)
And all the others that helped us in all those other various ways.

===Mod Info===
Web Site(In construction)

WAR Forum:

Replaces most everything it UT with WAR items.

Vest Mute:
Do it your self martyr kit.

JetPack Mute:
Starts everyone off with a jetpack.

Note: For the stories, the stuff by WarWerks was in the old WarWerks mod, recoded by Postal. The Evil Empires stuff was made by Postal. Cutter's Weapons Factory products are Cutter's creations, and Nephilpal's Nefarious Gadgets well. . . I shall let you guess who made
that stuff.

-Grenade Launchers-

STORY: Despite efforts of the World Peace Council to ban all explosives used in weaponry, Evil Empire continues production of the AGL and distribution to 2nd(Communist) and 3rd(Underveloped) world countries. The WPC is focused on destroying Evil Empires production of weapons, and their sale of such to terrorist groups and known criminals. EE has currently won all court trials on these areas, but theres some suspisions of bribry, and invovlement with the dispearence of jury members.
DESCRIPTION: Rapidly fires grenades that explode on contact with anything. They don't do much damage, but can confuse your enemy, since the explosions fill his view. Eats ammo very quickly. These grenades do 15 base damage.
SUMMON COMMAND: Summon WAR.AutoLauncher
AMMO: Summon WAR.AutoPack
PRIMARY FIRE: Rapidly fires AutoGrenades.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires three AutoGrenades.
TIP: The psychological damage caused by this weapon is greater than the physical damage. Your target will get confused by all the explosions around him, and won't be able to see straight. I'm sure you can find what to do with this. Bounce the grenades around hallways to avoid a direct confrontation. I suggest you only let you friends use this, on second thought, you should not want anyone to have the ability to pour a river of pain on you. Oh, BTW a damage amplifier and an AutoLauncher are a disaster waiting to happen. Remember if one of you targets has a Auto Launcher, distance is your best friend.

*SLAMMER* //Not in mutator, but feel free to use with WORM
STORY: Variant of the AutoLauncher brought back by demand(Hope your happy Kangus).
DESCRIPTION: Much like the AutoLauncher, except grenades explode on impact.
AMMO: Summon WAR.AutoPack
PRIMARY FIRE: Rapidly fires SlammerGrenades.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires three SlammerGrenades.
TIP: Use like AutoLauncher, but remember that these bombs will explode on contact. These grenades fly more like flak cannon shells instead of grenades, so you can learn to be quite accurate with primary fire arcing shots over a distance.


STORY: Once a big game hunter came to Cutter's Weapon Factory asking for a custom hunting rifle, for he said CWF's XL1 rifle was unsatisfactory when hunting skaarj. So CWF took their XL1(A redesign of the Landri sniper rifle, slightly smaller and firing explosive bullets) and rebuilt it from scratch. A week later the man returned and complained again. So CWF made an another custom gun, but he was not happy, after many attempts CWF employees kicked him out, but they did take the final product and tweak it to become the HAR. Current reports say that some Police departments are arming their snipers with HAR's confiscated from big game hunters.
DESCRIPTION: A sniper rifle firing a .70 caliber bullet. Very capable of making giblets of anyone. If the bullet hit a hard surface it shatters to hurt those around it. This rifle does 200 base damage and 1000 for head shots. Feeds from a ten shot clip.
AMMO: Rifle Ammo
PRIMARY FIRE: Fires a round.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Zooms in or unzooms.
TIP: Take advantage of its built in radar.

*STEALTH SNIPE*//Not in mutator, but please do try it
STORY: Droidco approched Evil Empires to produce for them a sniper rifle that whould help protect the police sniper using it. Evil Empires decided not to go the way of adding a power shield to the weapon, but did add Still-Cloak technology to the standard police rifles. After Droidco cancled their order, Evil Empires proceded to sell the weapon to the highest bidder on the Black market.
DESCRIPTION: When you carry this rifle(like UT rifle) you are partily cloaked, when you are still, you are nearly completly invisable, but when you run you are transparrent. Since this is a larger still cloak, we were able to make it a "Clear Cloak" so you appear only extremely fainly when cloaked, so stay in the shaddows. One little thing though, when the weapons is in operation(Shooting, Zooming) you are not cloaked at all. This gun has a 20 shot clip. The tungston tiped deleated uranium slug is capible of passing through multiple targets.
SUMMON COMMAND: Summon WAR.StealthSnipe
AMMO: Rifle Ammo
PRIMARY FIRE: Fires a round.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Zooms in or unzooms.
TIP: Find a nice spot and kill everyone who dares trespass, one additional feature is that if you shoot a bot, they will loose their target, and have to re-evaluate their situation.


STORY: Project WARPED has had several funding cuts and layoffs. Even so the remaining engineer had improved the energy beam fired in primary of the WARPEDASMD to a micrometer in size. This new ultra-small beam is capible of penterating thin objects.
DESCRIPTION: A WARPEDASMD, use just like normal ASMD or shock rifle.
AMMO: ReCharger
PRIMARY FIRE: Same as early ASMDS, but with splash damage. This inflicts 35, Base damage. These also can pass through thin objects such as people..
ALTERNATE FIRE: Uses a Shock rifle energy launcher to launch the early energy balls, may have some unexpected effects, was not tested.
TIP: Try hitting the AltFire with the primary fire.

STORY: Landry has aquired a batch of these new BlitzGuns. Not much is know about them, execpt that their energy weapons, and make by Cutter Weapons Factory.
DESCRIPTION: Some sort of energy gun.
AMMO: Energy Core Summon WAR.EnergyCore
PRIMARY FIRE: Fires one energy bolt.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires 5 of a similar energy bolt.


STORY: The Marine's best friend, the MAC, produced byCutter's Weapon Factory. This weapon has passed all the strict Space Marine testing procedures to become the standard replacement for the Combat Assault Rifle. With a machine gun with proxy bullets, and a plasma flamethrower capible of working in a vacume, this weapon was found to be quite usefull in open space infantry firefights.
DESCRIPTION: Machine gun with Flame-thrower AltFire.
AMMO: Minigun ammo
PRIMARY FIRE: Like UT minigun, but better.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Flame-thrower.
TIP: Stemper Fi,
Do or Die,
Kill, Kill, Kill!
People on fire most likely will die, so I often toast bots then run. If your on fire, I suggest the good old Suicide Vest.

STORY: After many variation of the Quad-Shotgun, this is the current for public sale, designed to meet the rigorous requirement of the Space Marines, unfortunately the Marines generally rely on the MAC. This newer verson of the MAS works much the same, but has several small fixes to help aid the killing, and now you can run around with four shots loading, cocked, and ready to kill.
DESCRIPTION: A quad-barreled shotgun firing shotshells and rockets.
AMMO: Shells Summon UnrealI.Shells
PRIMARY FIRE: Loads up and fires 4 shotshells
ALTERNATE FIRE: Loads up and fires a flak rockets.
TIP: Exploit the radar.

STORY: A newer verson of the MAS. It quickly got the nickname "MAS on steroids". This larger shotgun has more umph and kill power then the MAS. It has a razor grenade insted of the old Flak Rockets the MAS had. It is unknown if there will be further impovements in this line or if this is a dead line of weapons manfucturing.
DESCRIPTION: A quad-barreled shotgun firing shotshells and razor grenades.
AMMO: Shells Summon UnrealI.Shells
PRIMARY FIRE: Loads up and fires 4 shotshells
ALTERNATE FIRE: Loads up and fires a razor grenade.
TIP: Exploit the radar.

*SR Quad-Launcher* //Not in mutator, but feel free to use with WORM
STORY: History of this prototype weapon is unknown. It appears to me a hybred of the MRQL and the MAS. It is unknown if Cutter's Weapons Factory is using Evil Empires technology, or if it is the other way around. No one can identify who leaked these weapons onto the blark market. World Peace Council invesgators are currently thinking this may be a "effectiveness test" by Evil Empires. While this seems to be the most likly event, there still is some questioning on why Evil Empires would make something similar to an item from another companys arsnal.
DESCRIPTION: A quad shotgun/ rocket launcher.
AMMO: Shells Summon UnrealI.Shells
PRIMARY FIRE: Just like the MS primary
ALTERNATE FIRE: Just like the MRQL alt.

STORY: Once a ex-red beret turned mercenery, contacted Evil Empires asking for a weapon that would allow him to fight his way into a heavly armed base, kill his target, and to fight his way out again. Evil Empires did not have anything that had the ammo and the power he wanted, so they consulted, and produced this. After that mercenery completed his mission, EE decided the weapon was acceptable, and placed it on the weapons black market. Remember if you are to come upon the knowledge of the existance of a Kill-o-Matic, do your duty as a citizen of the United League of Countries, and contact the authorties with its location as such weapons are banned under the World Peace Council Assault/Attack weapons ban in 2019.
DESCRIPTION: Minigun, with special rounds.
AMMO: Explosive Shot Shells Summon WAR.ExplosiveShotShells
ALTERNATE FIRE: Switches between full auto(kick ass mode) or semi auto(ammo saver mode).

-Rocket Launchers-

*Mini-Rocket Quad-Launcher*
STORY: Droidco approached Evil Empires with a new rocket launcher design. When the Empire engineers first saw the specifications they started laughing. When Droidco engineers saw this, they were pissed, they thought it was a great design, but then the Empire engineers said they were laughing because they were thinking of all the damage they could cause with this, so once it passed R&D, it was placed in production.
DESCRIPTION: A rocket launcher.
AMMO: UT_Eightball ammo
PRIMARY FIRE: Fires 4 guided rockets.
One is laser guided.
One is movement guided, when you turn it turns too.
(Like old razor jack alt).
One is self-homing; it will pick someone and try its best to hit them.
The last it lock-on like the 8-balls rockets.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fired 4 unguided rockets.
TIP: Think of it as 4 chances to kill 1 person, or 1 chance to kill 4 people (Not quite, I have never pulled off more then 3 kills with 1 shot).
NOTE: Thanks to Killah for the great idea.
Bugs: There are a few bugs in the LaserGuided missle, sometimes it will not explode and it will just ossilate near the laserlight. Other times for some unknown reason it will dive straight down upon launch. Be aware that we at Evil Empires do not care about your well being, but we mention this because our lawers are worried about liabilty.


*WallMaker v5*//Not in mutator, but can be used with WORM or summoning
DESCRIPTION: After many improvements to the old WallMaker design Evil Empires produced one last batch and removed the weapon from the to-do list in R&D. This current verson is a good deal more usefull then the old versons, and continues to be seen in some construction work sites.
SUMMON COMMAND: summon WAR.WallMaker
AMMO: None (Battery-Powered)
PRIMARY FIRE: Shoot three wooden boxes spread fire, forming a solid wall.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Shoot a steel box that is a lot stronger than the wooden boxes fired in AltFire mode.
NOTE: Not a weapon, but can be very useful or annoying. Try blocking off critical areas in assault. Thanks to Sprint1 for comming up with this idea so long ago.

*SUICIDE VEST* // Not in mutator, but has a seperate mute.
STORY: Evil Empires provides another top of the line household product.
DESCRIPTION: Lots of explosives packed in a nice warm conformable vest.
SUMMON COMMAND: Summon WAR.KamikazeVest
PRIMARY FIRE: If the vest is not armed, it arms the vest. If the vest is armed, it detonates the vest.
ALTERNATE FIRE: De-arms the vest and switches to best weapon.
TIP: Use something else.


*Quad-Mode Tri-Bow v1.5*
STORY: Further inquiries have shown that the QMTB designs were stolen from Droidco, the CEO of Droidco states that he is jsut happy that someone found a use for the design. The Industrial Police of the WPC had come in to invesgate, but after the unfortunate, accidental, deaths of 3 invesgators, the case was closed. Rumors say this weapon was created for a Special Forces group called the PKUs. There is some venders saying the next verson may use Tarydium Nano-Tech.
DESCRIPTION: A small multi bow that fires three rounds at a time. This is the second line prototypes but done let that stop you from using it.
AMMO: Energy Core Summon WAR.EnergyCore
Mode 1: Fires 3 sharpened spinning razor blades in a
Fan formation.
Mode 2: Fires 3 ASMD blast, one accurate, the other 2 randomly.
Mode 3: Fires 3 energy bolts in a triangle.
Mode 4: Fires 3 Incendiary Flame-Arrows, if it hits someone,
they catch on fire.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Switches Modes.
TIP: The razorblades will cut through targets, and is great against groups. The ASMD mode is good for distracting targets. Tri-Bolts kill quickly, and set targets on fire with the tri-arrows.
NOTE: Thanks to Killah for the wonderful idea and thanks to DictatorForHire for the help with the fire code on the QMTB.


STORY: Well technically this gun does not fire germs, it fires a cloud of corrosive chemicals. This WarWerks gem was, rebuilt by Evil Empires from the ground up. The first models would dump all their ammo in AltFire making a super cloud of death(Which had its drawbacks), so this weapon was redesigned to fire 3 rounds simultaneously in alt fire.
DESCRIPTION: The Germ Sprayer sprays airborne toxic chemicals that eat away at whatever biological material they touch.
SUMMON COMMAND: Summon WAR.GermSprayer
AMMO: Sludge Same as GESBioRifle
PRIMARY FIRE: Fires one cloud of chemicals.
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires 3 clouds of chemicals to make a small wall of death.
TIP: Get up close, or leave these in you attackers path. Yours wont hurt you.


DESCRIPTION: Ammo Type, provides 25 ammo out of 200.

DESCRIPTION: Ammo Type, uses Evil Empires ReCharger technology to constantly produce ammo, up to its maximum of 100.

DESCRIPTION: Ammo Type, provides 10 shotgun shells out of 100.
SUMMON COMMAND: Summon UnrealShare.Shells

*Energy Core*
DESCRIPTION: Ammo Type, provides 10 terra-watts with a maximium charge of 75.



*JetPack v2*
STORY: Personal Vertical Takeoff and/or Landing JET powered Personal Arial Combat Device(A.K.A. PVTOL-JetPAC) is now produced to aid you in excaping police and evading solders. Evil Empires has spend alot of time working on this, to give you the best in vertical transporation.
DESCRIPTION: Allows any old idiot(AKA You) to fly.
HOW TO USE: Use the controls menu(in preferences) to set a button for the jetpack, in game hit the button and hold it down to thrust upwards.
TIP: Like the early rocket belts, just because you can fly does not mean you can not fall. Many people have broken their legs with the rocket belts and you can have the same problem with this jetpack. You can use it to slow down or break falls. Practice, practice, practice!


*Shock Armor*
STORY: Nephilpal's Nefarious Gidgets was once the world's most productive weapon designers, selling they ideas on the underground black market, unfortunately most of those designs were never made and were lost to time(Like the Projectile Interception Nullification Gun(PING) and the Life Crystal), but NNG is starting to produce items and weapons, which are going to soon dominate its rivals. Some people who have carried Shock Armor and WARPEDASMDs have referred to them selves as Shock Troopers.
DESCRIPTION: This armor is easily cut through by most weapons, so do not expect to be invulnerable, but as long as you have any of this armor you are rendered invincible to energy attacks on the frequencies that the pulse gun and shock rifle(also WARPEDASMD) use, but this provides no other protection.
HOW TO USE: Just wear it.
TIP: Other weapons that are not energy based will destroy this, so pick your targets carefully. So find a bot sporting a WARPEDASMD, most likely he/she will not switch weapons, and will not be able to hurt you.

*Adaptive Armor v1.0*//Not in mutator, but can be used with WORM or summoning
STORY: Nephilpal's Nefarious Gidgets has produced the new Adaptive Armor. This is based on the Shield Belt, but designed to work quite differently. This armor will have you take full damage from a first hit, but then you will be invulnerable to that type of damage. But be forewarned if you should happen to be hit by another damage type you will take full damage from that and the armor will be reset to that damage type. There are rumors of an Adaptive Armor 2.0 with multiple damage memories, which allow the wearer to be invincible to pain from those, but no prototypes have yet been confirmed.
HOW TO USE: Just wear it.
TIP: When facing someone with this, use a weapon that uses different damage types with primary and alt and keep switching between the two. Weapons like the UT minigun are useless, but the MAC and MAS are good for taking out people/bot with the Adaptive Armor. If you have the Adaptive Armor, use it to your advantage, perhaps jump in, and camp in slime, since you cant be corroded away. Also very useful for surviving fires.
NOTE: This armor due to its nature will destroy all other armors you have when you pick it up, so if you had a Shock Armor you will lose it, but you can always pick one back up afterwards.

*Adaptive Armor v1.5*
STORY: Shortly after release of the first Adaptive Armor, people cried for more. So with some coaxing NNG has produced another verson of the Adaptive Armor. This one carried protection for 3 damage types. While it works alot like the old adaptive armor, protection from 3 damage types do give much more protection.
HOW TO USE: Just wear it.
SUMMON COMMAND: WAR.AdaptiveShield1_5
TIP: Use it much like an improved Adapitive Armor.
NOTE: This armor due to its nature will destroy all other armors you have when you pick it up, so if you had a Shock Armor you will lose it, but you can always pick one back up afterwards.

*Adaptive Armor v2.0*//Not in mutator, but can be used with WORM or summoning
STORY: This newest verson of that Adaptive Armor is not normaly available to consumers. While it provides protection for 10 damage types, it takes a while to build up an imuninty to each.
HOW TO USE: Just wear it.
TIP: Use it much like an improved Adapitive Armor.
NOTE: This armor due to its nature will destroy all other armors you have when you pick it up, so if you had a Shock Armor you will lose it, but you can always pick one back up afterwards.

*Still Cloak*
STORY: Nephilpal's Nefarious Gidgets produces devices that allow people to survive. I while back NNG produced a cloaking device based on the old U1 military cloak. But the original designs were lost and it never when into production. But the Still-Cloak Technology(Patent # 19417477230) was sold to Evil Empires which is now producing a Still Cloak based on the Landry cloaking device. Since this is a small cloaking device, this is called a "Smoke Cloak" so when you are still you appear a smoky outline, so this effect is more visible in the dark, so hide in daylight, if you wish to get away. Unfortunately this cloaking device has the same flaw of the earlier cloaking devices, they have a very short life span, and can only be used once, so take advantage of that. This has twice the time of a regular cloaking device.
HOW TO USE: Pick it up.
TIP: Stay still, and only move when people are not around to see you. But in any event, remember you are hard to see, so do not use weapons that give away your location.

STORY: Long ago Droidco Started designs for power armor. Unfortunately no designers of the time could build them, but Evil Empires stepped in and redesigned it, then sold the design to the military. After years of work the military moth-balled Project WarSuit. A long time later CEO of Evil Empires remember the old WarSuit and bought back the design. Under Evil Empires they were able to work out all the major bugs in the Military WarSuit, and added several new features. So now you can try the WarSuit which gives you increased speed, 500 armor(separate of other armors), a search light, and a cool new look while you wear it. Basically, when you have this you can take lots of damage, run faster, jump higher, and so forth.
HOW TO USE: Pick it up.
TIP: Kill everything, run, jump, don't be afraid of being shot.


*Quad-Damage v2*
STORY: Do you need help killing your targets? Never fear, Evil Empires redesign of the WarWerks Quad Damage is here.
DESCRIPTION: Amplifies damage by a multiple of 4 unlike some newer rip-offs *cough UDamage x3 cough*.
HOW TO USE: Pick it up.
TIP: Shoot at you targets before it wears off. This has a slightly longer time then the UDamage so take advantage of that.

Powered Anti-TLoc Guns: If you throw a Translocator in sight of these things, they will wake
up and shoot them down! Very cool. You can place them in maps, or you can summon them with "Summon WAR.PMAntiTLocDevice" then summon a translocator and watch translocator beacons get shot out of the air. Feel free to place these in your maps. They can be destroyed by explosives and they have 500 hp.

For you mappers the name of the turret is "PMAntiTLocDevice"

As well remember to use:
PMGunBase: Used with the AntiTLoc device. Made a separate actor so that the gun rotated independently of the base. To line up a gun and a base, put them in the EXACT same x,y,z coords. (Example: if you put the base at (12.2, 14.3, -0.4) by dragging it there visually, then create a gun, open the properties, and type these exact same X,Y,Z values into the location property. The gun will line up perfectly to the base.

NukeStrikeZone: Nuclear bombing area for maps. Made by Bizarro, edited by Beppo. Sorry I dont know much about it.

PMControlTurret: By Beppo, used with permission, edited slightly. I have no idea how to place this in a map, but if you want to try, go ahead. I do believe you will have to set some of the default properties. Sorry, but I have no idea if it even works, I just throwed it in so someone might be able to use it.


-2.0-Second Release
Added Slammer
Added Suicide Vest
Added Suicide Vest Mute
Made GermSprayer Alt Faster
Revamped WallMaker
-Stoped WallMaker Box's from spinning
-Changed WallMaker Primary to make a wall instead of a big clump
-Lowered WallMaker primary from 5 boxes to 3
Added JetPack Mute
-Lowered bots ability with WARPEDASMD
-Edited Ammo use in combo with WARPEDASMD
-Made primary fire go thru more then just pawns
Revamped QMTB:
-Replaced QMTB Arrow Mode with incendiary arrow
-Changed QMTB Arrow mode
-Added HUD to QMTB
-Changed pickup count to 50, from 60
-Changed ammo to energycore
Added Summonizer:
Added Stealth Snipe
Added Still Cloak
Added MR-QL
Added WarSuit
Revamped JetPack:
-Recoded it
-Added model
-Lots of changes
Edited MAC Burning Enemy:
-Fire goes out if you jump in water.
-Added burning sound sound
-Cut lifespan in half.
Added Kill-o-Matic
Added NukeStrikeZone
Added BlitzGun
Added EnergyCore
Added PMControlTurret
Added 10 Round Clip to HAR
Added MAS 2.0
Added MS
Added SRQL
Added AdaptiveShield1.5
Added AdaptiveShield2
Updated WARFullMute

-1.0-First Release

Copyright (c) 2001 by Cutter and Postal
You may use this mod in any level or Mutator but give us credit.
To use this mod in any other way you must first get permission from us. You may not modify or gain profit from this mod with out permission from us either. In any case you must give us credit.

"This mod is not made by or supported by GT Interactive Software Corp.", the Wizard-Works Group Inc. or any such parties and subsidiaries."

UnrealTournament (c)1999-2001 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license. UnrealTournament and the UnrealTournament logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc.

Post Script(Postal): This modification may be distributed freely by any means unless it is included in a commercial product, in that event, contact us and we shall agree a fair profit for me. This text file MUST be included with any distribution of the modification. If anyone steals any of my code I will personally deal with him or her(Yes I have learned that there is a female coders in the community). BTW: If we should no longer work on this mod, and should someone want to port it to another patch/engine go ahead, no need to contact the authors, but at least try to get in contact with me.


This information is to be used for entertainment purposes only, and in no way reflects any condonement of the cowardly act of shooting at unarmed high-school students, McDonald's patrons, or other such defenseless persons, from the safety of a clock tower, book depository, or nearby rooftop, or any similar occurrence.

The user represents that these weapons will be used in a lawful manner. We will not be held liable for the misuse of any weapons in this pack. Also, since very few products are 100% effective against attack, We assumes no responsibility if a product used in this pack are not effective in preventing bodily injury, dismemberment or death

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21 Jan 2015, 13:53
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