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C'est un skin avec classique avec des têtes sympa mais surtout il est assorti de pleins de cheat codes.
# = option number il faut remplacer le # par un nombre.
healme # écrit healme 100 vous donne 100 de vie en plus.

The Avatar

Avatar was made a while back by Nephilpal, a rather gifted code who also made the Adaptive Armors. Nephilpal is quite a perfectionist who never released this, so I manged to beg for permission to release it, and woohoo I got it.

Anyways I Postal, and releasing this finaly, and perhaps latter will do some tweeking and make a better release.

So take note, this is a unfinished product never ment to be released, so if something messes up, or you dont understand something, dont come crying to me.

Select Avatar as your playerclass, then ingame you can use these new cheats:

# = option number
* = optional setting

A sort of Ghost mode
You now can cheat death
healme #
Heals you the ammount you specify, if no number is given
it will heal you to your default health
resize #
Resizes you to the number you specify(try .1 and 2)
superman #
Times your abilties by the number specified
Monsters in a radiuous around you become friendly
Death visits those who are in your presence
Reloads your guns
BlastKill *
Kills all projectils in a radious
you can also specify a proj type
BlastStop *
Stops all projs in a radious
BlastDrop *
Drops all projs in a radious
BlastReversal *
Reverses all projs in a radious.
Jackal *
Teleports you to the nearest pathnode facing the weakest
pawn type of you choosing.
Teleports you to your starting point
Set a retreat point
Teleport you to where you set your fallback point,
or where you spawned
NodeJump *
Teleports you to a random node or to the node of your choice
Banish *
Teleports the item of your choice to a random pathnode
HyperJump *
Teleport to the location of an object
SwapJump *
Tele-Switch to the location of an object
and it will go to yours
SetGate *
Makes a gate, once 2 are up, they act as teleporters
untill "SetGate Off" is typed
Nuke Sucide
Bullets cant hurt you
Energy cant hurt you
NoShadow *
Turns shaddow on and off

All Materials within are copyright of their respecive owners.

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21 Jan 2015, 01:26
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