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 Ajout Weapons pain25 
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Nouveau message Ajout Weapons pain25
Pack d'armes avec notamment un putain de chalumeau grgr

Weapon[0]=MOD:Pain DES:A4PL STR:Pain.A4PL AMO:Pain.A4PLAmmo
Weapon[1]=MOD:Pain DES:Flamethrower STR:Pain.Flamer AMO:Pain.NapalmPack
Weapon[2]=MOD:Pain DES:Izu MK2 STR:Pain.IzuMK2 AMO:Pain.IzuMK2Clips
Weapon[3]=MOD:Pain DES:Nitroglycerine Squirtgun STR:Pain.NitroglycerineSG AMO:Pain.NitroglycerineVial
Weapon[4]=MOD:Pain DES:Painful Rifle STR:Pain.PainfulRifle AMO:Botpack.BulletBox
Weapon[5]=MOD:Pain DES:Painful Shot Gun STR:Pain.PainfulShotGun AMO:UnrealShare.Shells
Weapon[6]=MOD:Pain DES:Sparker STR:Pain.Sparker AMO:Pain.SparkerAmmo

Ammo[0]=MOD:Pain DES:IzuMK2Clips STR:Pain.IzuMK2Clips
Ammo[1]=MOD:Pain DES:Napalm STR:Pain.NapalmPack
Ammo[2]=MOD:Pain DES:NitroglycerineVial STR:Pain.NitroglycerineVial
Ammo[3]=MOD:Pain DES:Poison Projectiles STR:Pain.A4PLAmmo
Ammo[4]=MOD:Pain DES:SparkerAmmo STR:Pain.SparkerAmmo


Pain ß1.125
by Smoke39

I don't know how to write readmes, so you get this jumbled mess instead!

Stick da Pain.u an' in your UnrealTournament/System directory.
Chuck da Pain.utx in your UnrealTournament/Textures directory.
Toss da Pain.uax into your UnrealTournament/Sounds directory.
Your done!

Here's what all the pretty guns do!

Air Pressure Powered Poison Projectile Launcher (A4PL):
Fires the currently loaded poison projectile. If a dart hits someone, they are poisoned. After they run around for a while doing poisoned person things, the poison will take effect. This is a very unpleasant thing for the poisoned one. It starts to rapidly do an increasingly large amount of damage until they die.

Loads a poison gas grenade. Upon striking any surface, this grenade bursts open and a big ol' cloud of poison gas spews forth. Anyone to step into this green cloud of poison will constantly take damage until they leave.

Fires a stream of fire. Fire is very bad thing to touch. Once you get someone to do this by shooting at them, they will catch on fire! They will then proceed to scream and shout, leaving a nice pretty trail of fire behind them as they frantically run for water. If there is no water in the map, chances are extremely good that they will die. Any other fire a burning person does just does some damage.

Lobs a napalm grenade! Napalm grenades leave a pretty fire trail similar to that of burning people. Once it strikes a surface, a bunch o' napalm spills out, setting anyone neer by on fire! Good for temporarilly blocking hallways and such.

Izu MK2:
Rapidly fires the 30 rounds stored in your current clip.

Ejects the old clip and replaces it with a new one.

Nitroglycerine Squirtgun:
Fires a stream of explosive nitroglycerine. When this explosive liquide touches a solid surface, it promptly explodes, doing significant damage to all people, cows, and the occasional chicken within its blast radius.

Chucks a vial of nitroglycerine! When this hits something, it creates a massive explosion, doing massive damage, and blasting anyone nearby a massive distance.

Painful Rifle:
Fires a high caliber rifle round doing: 200 damage to one's head, 100 to one's chest, 75 to one's stomach, and 10 to one's leg. Should you have poor enough aim to accidentaly shoot someone in the leg, that someone will be unable to move very quickly for quite a while. At this time, it is a good idea to put the poor person out of their misery with a quick shot to the head.

Switches through the rifles 3 levels of zoom: 3X, 7X, and 12X.

Painful Shotgun:
Shoots 13 pellets at your enemy, usually killing them in one shot, followed by a swift pump to cock the shotgun. Not terribly effective for sniping.

Fire all four barrels semi-automatically. When all four barrels are empty, you gotta cock it four times. Or you can use primary to fire a shot and cock it however many barrels are empty after that.

Fires a spray of little yellow sparks that hurt people when touched. Also makes a very nice decorative piece by firing it straight up.

This is kinda difficult to explain. It fires waves of sparks. Just try it.

Version History:
ß1.25: Flamethrower added! Yeah!
Izu had some wierd ammo usage problems. I's all fixed now.
A4PL ammo looks different now.
A few other minor tweeks here and there.

ß1.125: A4PL darts take effect a bit more quickly, and fatness is 127 instead of 128.
Izu MK2 added.
Painful Shotgun now as a secondary fire mode.

ß1.0625: A4PL now tells you what projectile is loaded.
Nitroglycerine Squirtgun has new skins for everything.
Painful Rifle doesn't slow your falls if you've been shot in the leg.
Painful Shotgun only fires 13 instead of 15 pelets with each shot, now, and spread increased a bit.
Sparker has a new secondary fire.
Fixed a few errors in this readme.

ß1: First release.

Soon(ish) to Come:
Big, powerful redemer replacement. This thing will be frighteningly devistating!

Grappling hook. Hopefully it'll be in the next release.

Enforcer replacement. Still pondering this one.

Jack hammer to replace the UT impact one.

Maybe a chainsaw replacement.

Some other gun.

Dragonflymatthew for jus' helping me with a bunch o' stuff, like, stuff. Yeah.

Postal for helping me get started coding and for continued help.

Other people form da WoD forums for various other stuff. If you think you deserve more credit than this, then yell and scream and shout at me and I shall consider doing so.

Copyright stuff:
All this stuff is ©Smoke39 2001. Don't steal any of my code, ideas, or, uh, other stuff. It's mine!

You can go away now, this is the end. There's nothing more for you to read.

Téléchargement ...


21 Jan 2015, 09:38
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