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 Nouveau GameTypes MonsterHunt MH504 ou monsterhunt504 
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Nouveau message Nouveau GameTypes MonsterHunt MH504 ou monsterhunt504
Le gourou du MonsterHunt " Nelsona " :maitre: sort une mise à jours du gametype " MH 504 ".
Ceci à fin de correction de bugs.

Fonctionne en mise à jours si vous êtes en 503 et ne va pas créer d'interférence avec vos mods déjà en place.

Due to the master server problems the monsterhunt tab no longer works correctly. Nelsona created a fantastic workaround ( ... f=32&t=306) to fix it but it also gives the added benefit of also listing different versions of monsterhunt. Because of this the native problems the mod has can be addressed without having to hack a bunch of solutions together. The monsterhunt core can be recoded without worrying that servers using it won't show up in the browser. Since it's an even playing field and all MH versions can list now there's no real restrictions on what is done.

Version MisMatch
One of the biggest taboos in UScript is version mismatch (VM). I understand your hesitation in accepting that VM for this will not cause client problems so I will just ask you to try for yourself. Join the demo server and play. It's running MH, it shows in the browser, default maps work just fine (better even, more on that later), yet it's running a completely overhauled version of monsterhunt.

OK, I'll bite. How does it work?
It's simple actually. Players just need to delete their monsterhunt.u file if they have it installed. The server will then place the new one into the client's cache and they can join and play. There's no need to install it any longer unless you are a developer/mapper.

Does it break old maps?
The short answer is no. All the 503 class names are still there so maps can function, it's just that the classes were rewritten to fix things. Old maps will open and play with this updated version, however mods compiled against the 503 version of MH may not function properly depending on what they do. This mostly centers around the assigning of teams as this 504 version removes the limits of 'Red players vs. Blue monsters' and allows multiple teams. That being said it's a possibility that there may be a few mods embedded into maps that malfunction because of the changes. If any are found they will be addressed and fixed. So far we haven't encountered one but it's still something that could happen.

For Developers
Source code will be in the download. Use that to compile your mods. The biggest change to be aware of is the management of teams. Players can now be on multiple teams by joining as different team colors. Most of the MH companion mods will need to be recoded to deal with this but it allows much finer control of player damages. Now you can have competing teams vying to win the map if you want, allowing players to only damage opposing team players.
Default Unreal weapons/items/pickups are overhauled and fixed. Check the replacement classes if you want to use them in your rewards mods. Quadshot, razorjack, dispersion powerups...they all work.
Monsters are deadly and much smarter. Bots are both intelligent and helpful. It won't take long for you to realize how much better. For the best results maps need to be pathed but the bots will still take orders and follow you regardless. Oh and teamcannons :)
If you have questions just look at the source code and it should be fairly evident. If not you are encouraged to post up here and ask.

Ini changes
You'll see some new entries in the ini. I'll briefly explain them here but also in the download it will have a commented ini to follow when you set up your server.


This is the team tag for the monsters. It helps group them into a proper side.


Monster AI adjustments


This displays information as play begins about the map and potential problems that may exist with it. Very handy when trying new maps to see if they will work properly with bots.


replaces the broken Unreal weapons/items with fixed ones


Enables various mover fixes. Server log lines will explain the fixes and what movers were adjusted.


Prevents the 'Grab' mover cheat that can occur with some movers


if a mover is set to crush then it ensures that actor is KRUSHED!


Removes all "reduceddamage" on monsters


Sets bTeamLeader to false if set to true on any of the monsters


No more Mercs stuck invulnerable in damage zones


Stops monsters from being able to touch and trigger factories


Player carcass lifetime


Player chunk lifetime


Monster carcass lifetime


Monster chunk lifetime


Forces a mover delay time so movers don't take so long cycling


Global minimum health for monsters


Global maximum health for monsters


Adjusts health to monsters across the board using this multiplier. Example: 1.5 would mean monsters have 150% of their normal health.

Téléchargement ... archMode=f


07 Déc 2014, 14:18
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
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Nouveau message Re: Nouveau GameTypes MonsterHunt MH504 ou monsterhunt504
Il semble manquer le pour vous permettre de sectionner le gametype pour tester offline.
Celui du 503 fonctionne pour le lancer.

à suivre ...


07 Déc 2014, 14:45
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
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Nouveau message Re: Nouveau GameTypes MonsterHunt MH504 ou monsterhunt504
Fichiers édité avec un fichier .int et retrais du .ini qui seras généré l’or du premier lancement.


07 Déc 2014, 18:36
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
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Nouveau message Re: Nouveau GameTypes MonsterHunt MH504 ou monsterhunt504
Attention le MH504 a été mis à jours ; veuillez re télécharger l'archive et remplacer par ...les fichiers.
La taille est la même mais des modifications ont été apportés.

Beware the MH504 has been updated; please re download the archive and replace the files ....
The size is the same but changes have been made

- small fixes for Dispersion;
- a bit added in Bot Attitude;
- fixing patrol detection.


31 Déc 2014, 09:51
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