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 Nouveau GameTypes Neoshock 
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Nouveau message Nouveau GameTypes Neoshock
Se joue avec les maps DM ... on perd de la vie en tirant et on en gagne en ramassant des pack. A vous de gérer la course à la vie.
Toute les armes sont nouvelles il est fortement conseiller de lire le mode d'emploi avant de se lancer.
Nouveau HUD et Scoreboard tout est remanié.

Spoiler: Afficher
(Beta 1)

Neoshock is a Unreal Tournament Modification created on the basis of teamwork and fair gameplay.

Taking place in a not so far future, it plays on the concept of military control, anti-government rebellion and what happens when we lose control of our own creations.

Neoshock features massive team-based combat, and three teams each hosting a completely different style of combat.

The Neoshock scoring system is designed to emphasize teamwork, but at the same time, convey a free-for-all level of gameplay.


The AI - Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of the Final Liberation Front, the government in fear of the F.L.F, created artificial warriors programmed only to kill. After the news spread of the "Ultimate Machines", a member of the F.L.F. was able to hack into the government system and re-program part of the machines AI, causing the AI machines to kill any living entity that it should come across.
The AI are equipped with all weapons at all times.
The AI uses energy to power shields, which is also used to power weapons.
Powerups replenish the AI's energy.
Holding jump while in the air allows the AI to fly or hover.

Homing Energy Bolt
After locking on, this unique projectile will head toward its target until making contact with a solid object. A small area is affected by the blast caused upon contact.

Projected Incendiary Nuke
A metallic alloy encompassing a bit of extremely reactive nuclear energy can be synthesized and launched toward a group of opponents. Upon contact, the nuke will incinerate a small radius (for a nuke), eliminating any opponents in the area.

Electro-Static Photon Sphere
A field of magnetic and static force form a sphere of harmful electric energy. Its shock has an area of effect.

Gravity Simulating Electro-Static Photon Sphere
A special electro static sphere that is able to stay intact until coming in contact with an organic being. One side effect of this alteration causes the sphere to abide by the laws of gravity.

Rapid-Fire Energy Pulser
The Pulser has a very low energy cost for firing, and a rapid firing speed, but as a side-effect the accuracy of the pulses is less controllable than standard AI weapons

Beam Cannon
When fully charged, this attack is fatal. The beam cannon charges to two levels. The first is enough to be fatal to a G.D.U. soldier. The AI beam cannon is 100% accurate.

G.D.U. - Government Defence Unit

The G.D.U. soldiers are composed of three classes, each with a distinctive role. All soldiers of the G.D.U. can choose their class at the beginning of each round.
All G.D.U. soldiers can be revived after death by a defibrilator,
The G.D.U. have a maximum of 50 health.
Powerups replenish the G.D.U.'s ammunition.


Enforcer - A brutal task force composed of the biggest guys and the biggest guns, set out to stop any enemy in their tracks.

Riot Shield
(Primary Fire)
Completely protects from frontal enemy fire when held.

(Secondary Fire)
Pulse Wave: Uses a wave of static electricity to repel enemies, launching them into the air.

X-17 Flame Mammoth
(Primary Fire)
Heat Wave: Uses a specialized power cell to create high temperatures sending a stream of fire forwards

(Secondary Fire)
Napalm Launcher: Polystyrene, benzene and gasoline are mixed and ignited with the power cells, then launched from the nozzle.

Combat Support - with a basic medical training, these troops face the enemy and help to revive injured team mates.

Duel Tactical "Fast Fire" Automatics
(Primary Fire)
3 rounds a second; 96% Accurate

(Secondary Fire)
20 rounds a second, 40% Accuracy

(Primary Fire)
Revives a fallen team mate

(Secondary Fire)
Electro-Static Shield: Forms a shield made of static electricity to block enemy fire

Sniper - The G.D.U's elite sniper division is one of the most acclaimed groups among any of the military forces.

Concentrated Ocular-Enhanced Weaponry (C.O.W.) Elite
A long ranged rifle capable of changing ammunition types "on-the-fly" during combat.

Standard G.D.U. snipers carry three ammo types for the C.O.W. elite:
(K7 Elite) Basic ammo used for C.O.W. Elite.
(K7 Pyro) Modified K7 Elite ammunition that explodes on impact.
(K8 Precision) A much more accurate bullet that guarantees high damage on contact.

F.L.F. - Final Liberation Front

Tired of government control, Final Liberation Front is set out to overthrow the government and start a revolution. Recruiting by means of anti-government propaganda, they are a growing force and a growing threat to the government.
All members of the F.L.F. can choose from a selection of weapons at the beginning of each round.
The F.L.F. are able to take advantage of new cloaking technology, and should make the best use of it.
Staying on powerups recharges the cloaking device over time.

WEAPONS - Standard

AZI Acidic Rifle
A semi-automatic rifle that shoots high-powered burst of corrosive acid. Due to its simplistic design, it is mass produced and is part of the basic load-out for all F.L.F. members.

AZI Cloaking Device
Not a selectable weapon, this device is capable of making the F.L.F. more difficult to be seen. This cloaking device engulfs the user in an ultra-refracting gel. The more energy is charged to the gel, the less visible the user becomes. However, as damage is taken, some energy will be lost from the device.
The gel requires more than 1/3 energy to be effective
With 33% to 66% energy, the user becomes a translucent visual, difficult to see from long distances, or in the dark.
With 66% to 100% energy, almost all light will pass through. This effect is similar to the stealth pickup in UT.
The cloaking device can be overcharged above 100% energy, allowing total invisiblility.
While overcharged, too much electricity causes impurities in the gel, creating sparks and/or smoke in random intervals. This can be countered by holding crouch and condensing the gel.
WEAPONS - Optional

AZI S-T-S (Static Taser System)
Using a special power conversion cell, it takes static electricity from the air and converts it into power used to shock an enemy. It also helps to charge the AZI Cloak device.

AZI Standard Laser Trip-mine
A highly concentrated explosion contained with a trigger system which utilizes a combination of heat, motion, and magnet detectors. Upon triggering, the explosion incinerates anything in the near vicinity of the mine.

AZI Portable Long-range Turret
Lightweight, auto-assembling, telescopic design allows instant deploying with the touch of a button. Once deployed, it unloads 8 shots per second, with pinpoint accuracy. Shots fired from the turret leave a trailing beam for a few seconds. The size of the turret causes no other optional weapons to be carried.

AZI Disposable Heal pack
Heals up to 1/3 of full health or adds 56% energy to the AZI Cloak device. It can be used up to four times in combat.

AZI Special Issue Rapid-Grapple
Uses the secondary fire on any of the weapons in the F.L.F. arsenal, when equipped. A grappling hook and line are propelled in any direction. With some training, the effectiveness of this utility can be greatly magnified.

AZI Dual-purpose A-60 Grenade Prototype
A grenade equipped with a time-delayed detonation, as well as an instant smoke emission designed to hinder vision. The longer the fire button is held down, the further the grenade goes.

Les armes et items:

Weapon[0]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Acid Rifle STR:Neoshock.NSWR_MainGun AMO:Neoshock.NS_DRifleAmmo
Weapon[1]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Death-Rifle STR:Neoshock.NSWR_DRifle AMO:Neoshock.NS_DRifleAmmo
Weapon[2]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Defibrilator STR:Neoshock.NSWM_Defib AMO:none
Weapon[3]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Falmearme STR:Neoshock.NSWM_Flames AMO:Botpack.BladeHopper
Weapon[4]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Flak Cannon STR:Neoshock.NSWR_Mine AMO:Botpack.FlakAmmo
Weapon[5]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Grappling Hook STR:Neoshock.NSWM_RiotShield AMO:Neoshock.NS_ShieldAmmo
Weapon[6]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Grenade STR:Neoshock.NSWR_Grenades AMO:none
Weapon[7]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Healpack STR:Neoshock.NSWR_HealPack AMO:Botpack.BladeHopper
Weapon[8]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Nuke STR:Neoshock.NSWC_Nuker AMO:Neoshock.NS_CyborgAmmo
Weapon[9]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Photon STR:Neoshock.NSWC_Photon AMO:Neoshock.NS_CyborgAmmo
Weapon[10]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Plasma Cyborg Armament STR:Neoshock.NSWC_Plasma AMO:Neoshock.NS_CyborgAmmo
Weapon[11]=MOD:Neoshock DES:V-Taser STR:Neoshock.NSWR_VampTaser AMO:none

Ammo[0]=MOD:Neoshock DES:DRifle Ammo STR:Neoshock.NS_DRifleAmmo
Ammo[1]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Energy STR:Neoshock.NS_CyborgAmmo
Ammo[2]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Sheild Ammo STR:Neoshock.NS_ShieldAmmo

Pickup[0]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Explosive Rifle STR:Neoshock.NSWM_SniperSplash
Pickup[1]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Grappling Hook STR:Neoshock.NSWR
Pickup[2]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Grappling Hook STR:Neoshock.NSWR_DRifle2
Pickup[3]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Health Vial STR:Neoshock.NS_MultiUsePickup
Pickup[4]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Power Rifle STR:Neoshock.NSWM_SniperStrong
Pickup[5]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Quickfire Rifle STR:Neoshock.NSWM_SniperSpeed
Pickup[6]=MOD:Neoshock DES:Standard Issue Photon Handgun STR:Neoshock.NSWM_Akimbo

Téléchargement ... /Neoshock/


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