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Auteur:  medor [ 29 Déc 2013, 18:55 ]
Sujet du message:  Nouveau UEditor_Developing umod.wcx

"umod.wcx" plugin for Total Commander

Hi everybody, who is interested in this file!!! :)

You are reading a documentation of Total Commander's umod.wcx plugin. I was
making it as fast as I could, so it rather has (:P) some bugs. In other way
it should work rather good.

Why I made it? Because I needed it :P
I was looking for plugin like that for several months, but I haven't found it
(there wasn't plugin like this in http://www.totalcmd.net/ or - no longer
available http://clubtotal.free.fr/ and the http://www.totalcmd.pl/
haven't existed yet). I lost my patience and I started to
looking for any open source program, which can open UMOD files. At least
I had found Luigi's Auriemma's (see http://aluigi.altervista.org/) "umodext"
Then I used its sources and UMOD file description (from umod.txt file) to
write my very own UMOD plugin :D

This plugin is as always available under GNU General Public License
(see COPYING.txt), but the sources aren't currently available online.
But if you are interested in development of this plugin I will provide the
sources to you if you ask nicely via e-mail.


- opening UMOD (Unreal MOD) archives
- extracting from UMOD archives
- this plugin can't (and won't) create UMOD archives
- support for creating UMOD files using UCC.EXE (see
"System\!make UMOD.bat" in archive)


Files used when writing this plugin:
- WCX Writer's Reference.hlp (description of WCX format from
- wcxhead.h (a header for WCX plugins)
- umod.txt (UMOD file description written by Luigi Auriemma)
- umodcrc.h (made by Luigi Auriemma)
- umodext.c (made by Luigi Auriemma)


Known and unknown bugs :D
- rather those unknown :P
- wrong filesize of "! make UMOD.bat" showed in TC
- the plugin doesn't support Unicode, but as far as I know neither does
the UMOD format so it shouldn't be a problem


Thanks to:
- Christian Ghisler for writing Total Commander
- Luigi Auriemma for writing "UMOD file format 0.2" file, "umodext"
program and for help with some bugs, see:
- myself, for patience and writing this plugin (at last I've got plugin that
opens UMOD's!!! Yeah!!! :-D)


author: balver
e-mail: balver@gmail.com
www: http://balver.freehost.pl/


http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... x0.0.6.zip

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