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 Ajout Custom_pawn Pack Pack2 Pack3 Pack4 Pack5 Pack6 
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Nouveau message Ajout Custom_pawn Pack Pack2 Pack3 Pack4 Pack5 Pack6
Des tones de New loads of pawns, weapons, items and some other stuff compatible UT99.

Pack Téléchargement ...
Here is a list what you can summon:
summon pack.BPupae
summon pack.MTProj (Mirror tentacle projectile)
summon pack.Gbag
summon pack.Starman
summon pack.StarmanD (Starman Deluxe)
summon pack.Mqueen
summon pack.MTentacle
summon pack.TTrooper
summon pack.BIGSkaarj
summon pack.FTitan (fire titan)
summon pack.SLITHER

summon pack.BBelt (a shield belt that makes player look big)
summon pack.MBoots (new kind of jumpboots)
summon pack.redbelt (red shield belt)
summon pack.SLight (spot light, only used by admins to light up dark levels) :)

summon pack.Flamer (Flame Thrower)
summon pack.RockRifle (weapon that throws rocks)
summon pack.MBall (99 Ball, not eightball, can shoot up to 99 rockets in same time)

summon pack.Fuel (needed by flamer)

Pack2 Téléchargement ...
PACK2 summons...

summon pack2.NPupae (Nuclear Bug)
summon pack2.TWarlord (Electro God,very hard)
summon pack2.MFly (Horse Fly)

summon pack2.AdminRifle (Admin type gun, takes alot of damage)
summon pack2.DisaPistol
summon pack2.ElectroGun
summon pack2.MegaGun
summon pack2.SASMD
summon pack2.SkaarjBall
summon pack2.SkaarjCannon
summon pack2.TazerRifle
summon pack2.RRifle

summon pack2.MegaHealth (heals 10000 health)
summon pack2.HealthBelt (gives health after every hit)
summon pack2.AdminBelt
summon pack2.AllPickup (gives mostly of items and weapons when take it)

mu.u-file info.
A mutator file. AKcoop,jTool2,Pack and pack2 needed.
To activate, type:
switchlevel <map name>?
Still dosent change monsters, but weapons it does.

Pack3 Téléchargement ...
Copy Pack3.u-file to *\Unreal\System

Weapons to summon:
summon pack3.AdminQuad (Admin weapon, kills all monsters by 1 shot and players if bNoFriendlyFire is False)
summon pack3.AllDAmmo (All Dispersion Shooter)
summon pack3.ArcGunner (Arc shooting 8 ball)
summon pack3.ARifle (Assault Rifle
summon pack3.FireWPistol (FireWork shooter)
summon pack3.GRazor (Golden Razor)
summon pack3.MiniDGun (Mini Bolt Gun)
summon pack3.MiniRockets (8 Ball that shoots tiny rockets, only explodes when hit an actor)
summon pack3.RRifle (Rocket Rifle)
summon pack3.ShipG (Ship Gunner)
summon pack3.ShotGun
summon pack3.TeleGun (Teleport Gun that can teleport you)

Pawns to summon:
summon pack3.AraB (Aracarette Bug)
summon pack3.Abd (Abductor)
summon pack3.BMale (Bad Guy)
summon pack3.BMale2 (New Age Guy)
summon pack3.BMale3 (ReDead)
summon pack3.GMale (Good Guy)
summon pack3.GMale2 (Good Sniper Guy)
summon pack3.Bird2 (Killer Bird)
summon pack3.CMerc (Cealing mercenary that hangs on a wire)
summon pack3.DeathFish (Like BiterFish but more powerful, may fly sometime)
summon pack3.DeathLord (A Warlord that kills with 1 shot)
summon pack3.DeathNali (A Killer nali that throws rocks)
summon pack3.Forkins (A new kind of fish)
summon pack3.Tech
summon pack3.Robo

Items to summon:
summon pack3.ADMINB (Admin type belt)
summon pack3.AdminP (Admin Pack, activate that item and become admin or deactivate to revoke it)
summon pack3.FatBoy (Adds fatness to player)
summon pack3.FlyP (Fly Pack ,Admin stuff)
summon pack3.GhostP (Ghost Pack)
summon pack3.GodP (God Pack)
summon pack3.HBoots (HyperBoots, adds more speed and jumpz)
summon pack3.Meat (Health, heals 132 health)
summon pack3.SpecialBelt (Special shield belt, that choose randomly a texture)

summon pack3.tar (A high explosive tarydium barrel)

To use mutator type at start of a level:

switchlevel <map name>?mutator=pack3.pack3,pack3.pack32

This is unscripted version, for scripts you must ask me by e-mail:


Pack4 Téléchargement ...
Pawns to summon:
summon pack4.IceStone
summon pack4.KillerSquid
summon pack4.MadT
summon pack4.FireGirl
summon pack4.IceBoy
summon pack4.Helper
summon pack4.Helper(2,3,4 and 5)
summon pack4.SpaceTrooper
summon pack4.TitanFly
summon pack4.MTitan
summon pack4.WarBag
summon pack4.WarKing
summon pack4.STentacle
summon pack4.MultiSlayer
summon pack4.DeadlyH
summon pack4.CManta

Weps to summon:
summon pack4.MultiPistol
summon pack4.Tazer
summon pack4.MStinger
summon pack4.QuadASMD
summon pack4.MercGun
summon pack4.RocketFlak
summon pack4.BladeGun
summon pack4.HSRRifle
summon pack4.MultiShotGun
summon pack4.DispGun
summon pack4.AdminGun (Weapon for admins, primary fire kills and secondary
fire kicks)
summon pack4.AdminCGun (Weapon for admins, primary makes an player to admin
and secondary takes admin away from player)

Items to summon:
summon pack4.ColorB
summon pack4.IceB
summon pack4.VirusB
summon pack4.CrushP
summon pack4.UnDeadP
summon pack4.WingsP
summon pack4.HHealth
summon pack4.EFBand
summon pack4.FireFruit
summon pack4.MaxHeath
summon pack4.AdminHealth
summon pack4.IceSeed
summon pack4.MShootUp (upgrades MultiPistol)
summon pack4.SpawnGG

New projectiles to summon:
summon pack4.Arrow2
summon pack4.Egg
summon pack4.TazerRock
summon pack4.TazerSludge
summon pack4.TempTS
summon pack4.BlobGel
summon pack4.StChunk
summon pack4.HyperAmmo
summon pack4.TelepEffect
summon pack4.EliteGasBagB
summon pack4.FlamerBall
summon pack4.BookG
summon pack4.ShipGrenade
summon pack4.SeekingRockets
summon pack4.GiantRockets
summon pack4.HSeekingRockets
summon pack4.SilverBlade
summon pack4.SilverBladeAlt
summon pack4.BookR
summon pack4.FreezeR
summon pack4.FreezeRElite
summon pack4.PlayerProjectile
summon pack4.StingerProjectile2
summon pack4.StingerProjectile3
summon pack4.EliteTazerProj
summon pack4.STentacleProjectile
summon pack4.MSProjecile
summon pack4.NewMercRocket

Unoffical stuff to summon (used only by enemys):
summon pack4.IceBelt
summon pack4.FireBelt
summon pack4.FireBelt2
summon pack4.FireBelt3
summon pack4.LightBelt
summon pack4.ShipBelt
summon pack4.BookShooter
summon pack4.FlameGun
summon pack4.IceGun
summon pack4.SpeGun

Mostly of scripts by .:..: and ideas.
There is no scripts here, if you wanna them you need to ask me, mail to:


Pack5 Téléchargement ...
// Pack5.u - Stuff package - by: .:..: //

This is my fifth package, if you want the other packages then look in
I made new pawn, weps and items. Mostly of scripts are all new, I didnt rip of from other
peoples made things, only from orginal scripts some.

Summons + some info about the stuff:

Here is the summons for all stuff:

summon Pack5.ArmedAnt
summon Pack5.BioAnt
summon Pack5.BiterCow
summon Pack5.Bitette (Baby BiterCow)
summon Pack5.Bloblette (A (coop) bloblet, dosent need any parentblob, this is builded as
ScriptedPawn, so other enemys may hate him)
summon Pack5.DeathBlob
summon Pack5.Decapiter (Another blob. This one does get decapitated some times befor it dies)
summon Pack5.CrazzingCannon (Strange cannon that hates everybody exept other cannons)
summon Pack5.Death (Only DeathBuster-weapon can kill this one)
summon Pack5.DeathRocket (Dont mess with this one :))
summon Pack5.DFly (Deadly Fly)
summon Pack5.FireFly
summon Pack5.IceFly
summon Pack5.EyeFruit (NaliFruit that attacks you with fireballs and sometimes even diamonze you
that you cant move)
summon Pack5.FireT (Fire Titan)
summon Pack5.HiddenH (Hidden Hunter)(A pupae that becomes invisible when its walking but become's
visible when going to attack)
summon Pack5.BadTrooper (Bad human scripted pawn)
summon Pack5.GoodTrooper (Good human scripted pawn)
summon Pack5.BusterTrooper (Good human)
summon Pack5.Terminator
summon Pack5.IceKrall (Nasty ice krall)
summon Pack5.LeglessIceKrall (Like normal legless krall but can freeze)
summon Pack5.KillerFly
summon Pack5.LesserMook (Strange UFO-NaliRabbit)
summon Pack5.MookSignore
summon Pack5.Magican
summon Pack5.ShrinkMaster (A manta that can shrink you)
summon Pack5.MBrute (Missile Brute)(Attacks everybody, fun to view when summoning many of them)
summon Pack5.IceBrute
summon Pack5.SkyM (Sky Mercenary)
summon Pack5.StarmanSuper
summon Pack5.AlienNali (Friendly nali, as long when nobody dosent attack him...)
summon Pack5.NoGoodFly (Fly that can string you and poison you)
summon Pack5.Pulsar
summon Pack5.Crystal
summon Pack5.HelperTrooper (Skaarj trooper looking guy that is friendly)
summon Pack5.PocketTrooper (Another friendly skaarj)
summon Pack5.HunterTrooper (Skaarj trooper that may even teleport around)
summon Pack5.FrostyIceSkaarj
summon Pack5.BloodyHunter
summon Pack5.TraceSkaarj
summon Pack5.DeathTracer (Really hard trace skaarj)
summon Pack5.TraceSkaarjElite
summon Pack5.SlayerBird (Attacking bird1)
summon Pack5.SlimeFish
summon Pack5.Kraken
summon Pack5.TeleF (TeleFragger)
summon Pack5.EliteFragger (Elite TeleFragger)
summon Pack5.TrillionM (Trillion Age Manta)


summon Pack5.AdminGun (admin type weapon, what else =) )
summon Pack5.AdminMag (admin weapon that is like CazzorFritto's AM5
,Players may use this weapon but only admins may arm it)
summon Pack5.ByeBye
summon Pack5.DAmmoFlak
summon Pack5.DeathBuster (Only weapon that can kill death's)
summon Pack5.DeathGun
summon Pack5.Desolator
summon Pack5.DispPistol
summon Pack5.DualFlak (You can have 2 of these at once. Thanks to Robert A. French ("Hook")
for idea about multi weapons)
summon Pack5.EightTrace
summon Pack5.HellFire
summon Pack5.InfoRifle
summon Pack5.MultiMag (A editable weapon. You may change its config's in advanced options. Like projectile,
ammocount or something)
summon Pack5.PT (Not recomended to use or summon this weapon, It makes kind alot crashes,
mutator does NOT spawn this weapon))
summon Pack5.QuadRazor
summon Pack5.TraceMag
(summon Pack5.TitanGun -Used by HunterTrooper, but may bee used by players too)
(summon Pack5.SteelGun -Used by terminator)


summon Pack5.BigBelt (Type: NewSize <1-50> to change size)
summon Pack5.MagAmp
summon Pack5.PocketT
summon Pack5.RedB
summon Pack5.BlueB
summon Pack5.GreenB
summon Pack5.YellowB
summon Pack5.DarkB
summon Pack5.PhyB
summon Pack5.SuperExplo (Kills all visible pawns and players in that place)
summon Pack5.TriggerKey (Trigger all close movers when used)
summon Pack5.TeleP (You can spawn with this a good trooper, that does follow you)


summon Pack5.AutoDeathS (Automatly spawn in that spot Death's. But it wont spawn if there are more than 50 of them)
summon Pack5.AutoBloodS (spawning Bloody hunters's)
summon Pack5.AutoHelpS (spawning GoodTrooper's)

Mutator class'Pack5.Pack5':

To use a mutator type:
switchlevel <map name>?mutator=<MutatorName>

switchlevel nyleve?mutator=Pack5.Pack5

// The mutators functions:

-Replace items and weapons.
-Replace decoration (like wooden box) to explosive decorations.
-Replace pawns.
-Makes that some doors wont close at end in levels like Noork, NaliC...
-Change URL from ExtremeDGen to ExtremeDark and from EndGame to Vortex2.
-Change Creature Factory Prototype to new pawns.
-Config it.
-And more...

Some info:

Title : Pack5 - Stuff Package version 5
Description : Unreal Pawn-,Pickup-,Weapon Mod
Started Date : 16.9.2003
Mutator(s) : Yes
Finnished Date : 2.12.2003
Construction Time : 73 Days (over 2 Months hard work :/)
Author : .:..:
Email Address : // None Right now :( \\
Web Page : ---- || ----

This mod makes some ScriptWarning(s), but won't mess up the whole server console.

You may use these things as much as you ever wan't to, anywhere, anytime. You may create classes that expands these.
You can't see the scripts only the variables.

Pack6 Téléchargement ...
Pack6 by .:..:

New loads of pawns, weapons, items and some other stuff
for unreal1.

====================== Summons ========================
Pawn summons:

-Human pawns:
Summon Pack6.BlackForce
Summon Pack6.Boy (friendly)
Summon Pack6.Cloaker
Summon Pack6.CoopBot (friendly bot for co-op)
Summon Pack6.DeadlyMan
Summon Pack6.EvilBoy
Summon Pack6.Girl
Summon Pack6.GoodBoy (friendly)
Summon Pack6.myRevenge (NOT summonable)
Summon Pack6.ShadowTrooper

-Skaarj pawns:
Summon Pack6.SkaarjHunter
Summon Pack6.ASMDSkaarj
Summon Pack6.TraceMaster
Summon Pack6.MadSleeper
Summon Pack6.DizzySkaarj
Summon Pack6.LungeHunter

Summon Pack6.CannonXXX
Summon Pack6.MinigunCannon
Summon Pack6.BlueCannon (does not attack players on blue team)
Summon Pack6.GreenCannon (same, but not green team)
Summon Pack6.RedCannon
Summon Pack6.YellowCannon
Summon Pack6.NameCannon (does not attack players with .: in name, or other alternative)

-Mixed pawns:
Summon Pack6.Alien
Summon Pack6.BioAlien
Summon Pack6.AttackerSquid
Summon Pack6.SquidFly
Summon Pack6.Barnacle (idea from game called 'Half-Life')
Summon Pack6.Boneacle
Summon Pack6.DeathTent (much like Mäniac's DeathTentacle's)
Summon Pack6.QueenDT (Queen DeathTentacle, addon by me)
Summon Pack6.FaworPlant
Summon Pack6.FragMaster
Summon Pack6.GhostStalker (hard enemy)
Summon Pack6.DeathEye ( --||-- )
Summon Pack6.Phantom ( --||-- )
Summon Pack6.HypnoTitan
Summon Pack6.CazzingTitan
Summon Pack6.MagicFly
Summon Pack6.DeadlyFly
Summon Pack6.MasterManta
Summon Pack6.FireDragon
Summon Pack6.MirrorTent
Summon Pack6.Momma
Summon Pack6.BigMomma
Summon Pack6.RPG_Master
Summon Pack6.SeekerNali
Summon Pack6._Sucker
Summon Pack6.NaliGod (Asgård's NaliGod pack, allmost...)
Summon Pack6.Slavery
Summon Pack6.EliteSlavery
Summon Pack6.SlayerLord
Summon Pack6.TinyLord
Summon Pack6.Sphree (smilin' Sphere)
Summon Pack6.TrillionManta
Summon Pack6.BigTrillionManta
Summon Pack6.WeaponFly

Weapon summons:
Summon Pack6.AdminMag (needs AdminMut to be activated! See below how to do that)*
Summon Pack6.AirRifle
Summon Pack6.InstantGib
Summon Pack6.AllWeaponP
Summon Pack6.AMM
Summon Pack6.Cracker
Summon Pack6.GravityKiller
Summon Pack6.GreatDisp
Summon Pack6.GrenTent
Summon Pack6.HeadSquid
Summon Pack6.InfoR
Summon Pack6.IonGun
Summon Pack6.MissileL
Summon Pack6.PowerPistol
Summon Pack6.PrismGun
Summon Pack6.Blaster
Summon Pack6.ScreemMag
Summon Pack6.SlimeSlith
Summon Pack6.Uzis
Summon Pack6.SilenceUzi

Item summons:
Summon Pack6.ActorSpawner *
Summon Pack6.ASCII
Summon Pack6.CoffeCup
Summon Pack6.CloakDrink
Summon Pack6.DLerDevice
Summon Pack6.GoodMen (goodboy pickup)
Summon Pack6.MaxHealer
Summon Pack6.Bomb (invisibility trap)
Summon Pack6.IP_Thing **
Summon Pack6.LuckyCharm
Summon Pack6.LastBreath
Summon Pack6.MightyRevenge
Summon Pack6.NightVision
Summon Pack6.BlueBelt
Summon Pack6.RedBelt
Summon Pack6.GreenBelt
Summon Pack6.YellowBelt
Summon Pack6.SpecialBelt
Summon Pack6.BounchBelt
Summon Pack6.ScrewBelt
Summon Pack6.SkaarjRain
Summon Pack6.SuitOfDoom
Summon Pack6.ElemSuit
Summon Pack6.ParalSuit
Summon Pack6.ShadowSuit
Summon Pack6.UltimateBox (Ultimate music box, activate it to see how it works)
Summon Pack6.ZapTouch
Summon Pack6.AdminZap *

Summon Pack6.HeGrenade
Summon Pack6.FlashGrenade
Summon Pack6.EFlashGren
Summon Pack6.SmokeGrenade
Summon Pack6.ToxinGrenade
Summon Pack6.MotionMine
Summon Pack6.LaserMine

Summon Pack6.EsBubbel
Summon Pack6.EsFire
Summon Pack6.EsFireball
Summon Pack6.EsGrav
Summon Pack6.EsHole
Summon Pack6.EsIce
Summon Pack6.EsLife

Misc summons:
Summon Pack6.RocketTable
Summon Pack6.RocketTable2
Summon Pack6.TitaniumTank (some kind of vehicle, Duck - enter, drive it, Fire - throw rocks, AltFire - Getout of it)
Summon Pack6.SupriceDec
Summon Pack6.Nest (alien nest, makes aliens)
Summon Pack6.Copter (umm.. thing I took off from upak, dunno know what it does tho...)
Summon Pack6.NoLieExp (puts a ring explosion that force all players say their console, computer name and engine version)
Summon Pack6.BotNode (if coop bots seams be allways lost in a level, summon these as a path for them!)
Summon Pack6.ChatLog ** (a log thing that shows what players been saying there!)

* = Admin tool, item or thing...
** = May be a little bit crashy!
====================== Mutators ========================
Pack6.AdminMut (needed for adminmag)
Pack6.CrazyMovers (puts all movers have their own "will" to do things)
Pack6.FixMut (fixes some blockable levels that normal unreal maps have)
Pack6.InstantGibMut (Instant gib match type)
Pack6.Pack6 (Typical monster, weapon etc.. mutator)

To use any of these mutators, type SwitchLevel (or Open) <LevelName>?Mutator=<Mutator name>
SwitchLevel Noork?mutator=Pack6.Pack6

To use multiply mutators type ',' between 2 mutators
SwitchLevel Noork?mutator=Pack6.Pack6,Pack6.FixMut,Pack6.AdminMut

Some info:

Title : Pack6 - Stuff Package version 6
Description : Unreal Pawn-,Pickup-,Weapon Mod
Started Date : some time on January 2004 I think
Mutator(s) : Yes
Finnished Date : 19.10.2004
Construction Time : uncountable Days (over half year of hard work :/)
Author : .:..:
Email Address :
Web Page : None!

Some script warnings may show up in console, damn, I've been working many hours of trying to fix them,
but they still exist!

Edit on Pack6.ini to change configs on some things.

You may use this mod on your own maps, or mods, E-mail me if you want have the source codes (or download from some
site that got them)!



05 Oct 2013, 23:26
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