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 TeamGPS / Beacon 
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Inscription: 22 Oct 2017, 03:57
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Nouveau message TeamGPS / Beacon
This is another mutator that was also heavily integrated into my server, but a while ago someone requested a stand-alone version, so I separated out this part.

Mediafire download link

These screenshots are a bit of a mess, but I'm feeling to lazy to produce anything more professional looking.


Readme file
= Team GPS / Beacon =

A HUD Mutator (to use the UnrealScript jargon - basically, something that
changes the appearance of the game for the player) which allows you to see your
team mates through walls.

Originally, just for the sake of it. I was inspired by a similar capability
in other games (mostly by watching Let's Play videos on YouTube, for example,
of Horizon Zero Dawn - check out YouTube channel "MentalFox"!)
But also by the work of UT veteran Jack Griffon, and a couple of his mods.

Copy the "TeamGPS.u" and "TeamGPS.ini" files to your UT system folder:


Open your UnrealTournament.ini file, and scroll down to the section titled:


Below the last item in the "ServerPackages" list, add a new entry like this:


At the time when I created this mutator, I wasn't familiar with authoring
with ServerActors in mind, so to tell your server to use the mutator,
modify your start-up / command line / batch file so that it says something
ucc server CTF-Coret?game=BotPack.CTFGame?mutator=TeamGPS.HUD_Beacon,Botpack.InstaGibDM?MaxPlayers=12

Note the "TeamGPS.HUD_Beacon" part in the "mutator" list.

There's really only one setting, and this determines what information is
displayed on the screen of the player. There are 5 different configurations.

The server will set a default configuration - which all players will use
when they first visit - but players can customize this value independently
using the follow command typed in the UT console, or bound to a key:


To bind this to a key, open the UT console and type something like:

input <key> execToggleBeacon

...where "<key>" is a key to which you want to bind the command. Once a player
has used the execToggleBeacon command, their setting will always override
the server's setting (on their computer), so their chosen configuration will
be used during all subsequent visits (in other words, each player can choose
the configuration that suits them best).
One of these configuration settings is "don't show any extra information"
so players can effectively disable the mutator too.

[Technical details]
UT has a setting called "RelevantTimeout" - this determines how long the game
considers an object in the game world to be "relevant" from your player
perspective. Anything that you can't see or hear is not considered "relevant"
and the copy of it running on your PC will cease to exist once it has been
"irrelevant" for this length of time. The default is 5 seconds. This matters
to the HUD because when players are behind walls they are not considered
relevant, and after 5 seconds, even with that yellow skin, they will "pop" out
of existence and disappear from your screen.

On my server I extended this to 15 seconds. The downside is that it causes
increased data to be sent between the server and all players because objects
are "relevant" for longer (and the server needs to update players about what's
happening to all of those objects for the extended time).

It hasn't caused any issues so far though, so I'm sticking with 15 seconds for
now. The RelevantTimeout setting is in the UnrealTournament.ini file under the
section called "[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]" - find this section and below it you'll


...change "5.0" to whatever length you prefer.

Or, alternatively, you might
consider adding the HideNPeek mutator to your server, which will make players
"AlwaysRelevant" and they'll never "pop" out of existence. I'm not sure of
the full implications of this, and how much extra data transfer it creates
between players and the server, or extra processing overhead, but with modern
broadband connections, perhaps it doesn't matter much anyway.

This might be a question for the gurus at - speaking of which, join
the community there if you haven't already!

A lot of the script for this mutator is either directly taken from Wormbo's
TeamBeacon2k4 mutator, or inspired by what he did with that - TeamBeacon2k4
is a great addition to any server.

12 Sep 2019, 01:42
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Nouveau message Re: TeamGPS / Beacon

I guess the next is AntiCamp :vieux:
I save it and go to the work.


12 Sep 2019, 06:24
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Inscription: 22 Oct 2017, 03:57
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Nouveau message Re: TeamGPS / Beacon
Yes, I would like to release the anti-camper part too :) But that might be a while. Like the antibackshot mutator, the anti-camper mutator is integrated into a few other mods, so it would take some word to make it stand-alone. But I'll get around to it... eventually

Same for the hit damage mutator. Although this requires some more work, since it doesn't look good with OpenGL

12 Sep 2019, 06:34
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Inscription: 01 Oct 2008, 01:14
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Nouveau message Re: TeamGPS / Beacon


12 Sep 2019, 13:23
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